TUSCANY songs of springtime - 19th-25th April 2021

Bailey Chinnery Photography Creative Growth tour of Tuscany - 19th-25th April 2021


"Happiness? The color of it must be spring green, impossible to describe until I see a just-hatched lizard sunning on a stone. That color, the glowing green lizard skin, repeats in every new leaf. ... The regenerative power of nature explodes in every weed, stalk, branch. Working in the mild sun, I feel the green fuse of my body, too. Surges of energy, kaleidoscopic sunlight through the leaves, the soft breeze that makes me want to say the word "zephyr" - this mindless simplicity can be called happiness."- Frances, Mayes, Bella Tuscany: The Sweet Life in Italy, 1999

April is a time of wildflower meadows, blossom and the perfect opportunity to discover the rolling views and hidden hamlets before the summer crowds arrive

Sleepy hamlets, an unrivalled artistic legacy and ancient medieval castles

Early morning mists rise slowly over the distant hills and can be readily observed from the vantage point of the Villa Mangiacane

The glorious Tuscan colours changing gently as the shadows lengthen

Our creative growth classroom sessions take place in one of the wine cellars at Villa Mangiacane. Amongst other things we will talk about ideas, working in projects and sequencing. The workshop does not focus in depth on post processing but we will offer up some editing ideas in Photoshop and Lightroom which will be recorded for you to download later.

Sequencing session - images printed with our Canon Pixma

Creative growth sequencing session

The Villa Mangiacane is an extraordinarily beautiful property and we could quite easily fill our week being inspired by its treasures. Designed in part by Michelangelo and owned at one time by the Machiavelli family, we feel incredibly lucky to be afforded such a warm welcome.

We offer various categories of room, however all are beautifully furnished in great style

Limited to 10 spaces. Availability for three non-photographing partners

Shooting Star Over Mangiacane

Also included in the cost is a hardback book with a selection of images from all participants, produced and dispatched after the tour. See below a few details from the 60-page book from the last Creative Growth workshop.


“This book represents the highlights of a week’s worth of discussion, questioning and creative play in the rural elegance of the Tuscan landscape during the first week of April, 2019. It is particularly special for us as it follows on from the first ever ‘Creative Growth’ tour for Bailey Chinnery Photography.

​In 2018 we decided we wanted to run a workshop where the emphasis is as much on classroom based sessions as it is on practical endeavours. We chose our accommodation with much care and it was clear from he moment we discovered the Villa Mangiacane - with its rich and diverse history and connection to the arts, it would be the ideal location for us to base our tour. The fact that the classroom sessions were held in the Villa’s cavernous wine cellar - consecrated with ageing barrels and fragrant with fermenting grapes only served to invigorate that creative imperative.

​While realising this format is not going to be right for everyone, we hold a belief in the importance of discussion, debate, questioning and the tossing around of new ideas, however disparate they may seem. A group environment also encourages participation in a way that is not necessarily achievable out in the field and it is our hope that pushing people to the edge of their comfort zone in this way will bring myriad benefits.

​We all know that the creative process - the innovation and self discovery - is not a single event. It is a long journey of revelation, transformation and the slow burn of illumination as we channel out our own path. A path that takes a lifetime to negotiate. It is our hope that we have been able to provide a little encouragement along the way.

​Similarly, the format of these workshops will continue to evolve as we seek out different destinations and continue to develop as artists ourselves. It is an enormous privilege to teach - and to be able to do so in such a magical environment, with a stimulating and enthusiastic group can only be described as extraordinarily good fortune.

We had tears, laughter, sun and rain, and really quite a lot of Chianti. We both feel the images in this book are testament to the power of the group dynamic and convey a much more compelling sense of the beauty of the Tuscan landscape and the rich heritage of Villa Mangiacane than any conventional pin-sharp representation could hope to.

​Valda and Doug x”


DINING AT VILLA MANGIACANE - an experience to savour. This tour is INCLUSIVE of all evening meals and wine. Most dinners will be taken at Villa Mangiacane where they provide a seasonal four course menu with wine from their own estate. We will also take a short drive to the trattoria in the village for a change of scenery.



'First of all thank you for a fantastic few days in Tuscany - I really enjoyed it and found lots of inspiration and food for thought in the various talks, presentations and projects! Sharing and discussing our work with each other definitely brought the workshop to another level and not only helped our creative output, but I think also made the group more dynamic and involved with each other. A successful formula to take forward! Janet's suggestion was very worthwhile and it makes a real difference to see your working methods and thought processes in addition to learning the theoretical workings of the camera.' A.T.

'I was looking forward to your first ‘Creative Workshop’ in Tuscany for a long time and it certainly lived up to my expectations. The venue was perfect - carefully chosen to help up develop our skills. Also, the group size was smaller than I have usually experienced on other photographic workshops and this is a definite plus. The itinerary was extremely varied - I found the mixture of classroom based learning and out on field a good balance - you can definitely learn a lot from other people on workshops too. Apart from being great teachers you are also great company.' M.D.

'I thought the tour was excellent and met both the prospectus and my own expectations. I felt creatively challenged during the tour, yet came back with images that successfully responded to those challenges. I further developed my techniques and my approach to impressionistic photography. A special highlight was the hotel – its location; its buildings, gardens and statuary; its food and its staff. I would strongly recommend you return there for future workshops – and of course you have already booked next year’s! I really enjoyed the indoor sessions, both the thought-provoking presentations and the viewing & critique of images taken by tour members during the week. I also greatly benefited from the sharing of ideas, techniques and approaches by other members. I hope they in turn gained something from me.' D.T.

Rolling hills, studded with wildflowers, sleepy Medieval towns and the extraordinary surroundings of the Villa Mangiacane will provide us with endless scope for creative interpretation. We will be focussing on the 'whys' of our photography rather than the 'hows' and aim to help our clients to develop their creativity in a way that goes beyond mere technique.

The accommodation provided is authentic and luxurious in every sense of the word. The food offered from the kitchens of the Villa Mangiacane is exceptional - as is the wine and olive oil from their own estate. This promises to be a memorable experience.

Hope you can join us!


Led by Valda Bailey and Doug Chinnery