The Agriculture Boom 1st, 2nd, 3rd agriculture revolution

The first revolution started about 11,000 years ago in the old stone age. Humans went from hunting and gathering to farming food for themselves and others. Cities started to become established because people no longer had to follow their food. Because of the new food industry people start to develop specialization in what they do instead of everyone doing everything.
The second revolution began in western Europe in the 1700's. Farmers began to understand crop rotation better so that they could farm 100% off their land every year. Efficiency improved because of the use of machines like the seed driller and tractors. With this efficiency farmers could now plant up to 8 acres a day.
In the third revolution beginning in the 1950's everything changed again. Advancements in food with gmo's made it possible to produce more than enough food for the world to help curb world hunger. This upswing in production caused the food production output graph to look more like the population output graph which is a good thing. This revolution changed the food so much because of hybridization and gmo's.
In the third revolution gmo's really became known to people. Gmo stands for genetically modified food, this means that the food has been breed with others of it's kind to make it the best it can possibly be. Miracle rice is an example of a food that has been genetically modified to have bigger grains with more of them per stalk. Most of our food has gmos in it, but more and more people are starting to fight against it and buy non-gmo food.


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