Albert Einstein The renaissance man

Albert Einstein was a very famous and loved man that everyone who loves him likes him would probably want him back alive right now. I bet someone would do all his chores for him just to be his #1 fan if he were still alive.

Paragraph 1: First of all, If you didn't know Albert Einstein was a famous scientist and mathematician. Also, He was really good at music but he was the one that discovered e=mc2.Second, he also figured out 2 other things like the general theory of relativity and quantum mechanics. Albert Einstein was so famous that many people from around the world came to see him in person. Also, people came to do interviews, take pictures, and ask him questions. Albert Einstein will always be remembered around the world. Finally, when Einstein was alive whenever he saw a kid that was in a not so good mood. Einstein would help them feel better.

Albert Einstein Quote

Paragraph 2: First, Albert Einstein won so many awards that his trophy and award cases got full really fast. Also, he had to keep buying more and more cases just to put stuff in. So that way he had lots of cases for rewards and his work without having to throw it away. Second, If anyone were to somehow get just as smart as Albert Einstein; Millions of people would probably cause him all kinds of stress. Also, he would be asked so many questions and have so many interviews.That he would probably not be able to have any free time or be able to do work. All in all, if someone were to become just as smart as Einstein. They should be ready for what's to come to him or her unless they hide.

What He looks like when he is getting a picture.

Paragraph 3: First, Albert Einstein's childhood is a wonder but all we know is where he was born which was march 14 1867 Ulm, Germany and he died April 15 1955. Also we know what he liked to do. Also, Albert Einstein liked to play the organ and he loved to play the violin. Plus, he loved science which led him to discovering e=mc2. Second, Albert Einstein was loved so much around the world that people try to be just like him. But they have a 10 out of 100% chance. Plus, if someone were to actually bring Albert Einstein back to life. They will be awarded so much money unless they were to commit a crime while doing it. Finally, Albert Einstein was so famous that every place he went to. He either was a famous director of a school. Or he was a famous professor, and he was also a privatdozent in Germany.

Albert Einstein Quote

* Facts:: 1:where he was born and where he died,

2: what he discovered,

3: talents,

4:quotes he said,

5: his religion,

6: where his memorial is, what happened throughout his life.

Albert Einstein feeling some his material from his project.


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