iWharfe Count Counting people paddling playing and swimming in the wharfe

Improving water quality on the River Wharfe from Oughtershaw to the Ouse: a citizen science project

The testing and counting zones

We want to understand the impact of sewage discharges river along the whole of the Wharfe so we can be sure our river is clean enough to paddle, swim and play in. To do that we are testing the quality of the water along the whole length of the river this month. We will be using the testing results to secure a clean up of the river. However we also need to show that people use the river to paddle, play and swim in.

At Burnsall it was busy - there were 134 children in the water, and 167 on the riverbank; with38 adults in the water and 388 on the riverbank

Overall the stretch between Bolton Abbey and Barden was the busiest.


Barden there were 155 adults and 63 children on the riverbank - but noone really venturing into the water!

At Bolton Abbey they were enjoying the river, with 353 Adults and 170 Children on the riverbank and 49 adults and 109 Children in the water.

On the beach at Bolton Abbey

Up the top of the ricer it was pretty and pretty quiet!

And downstream from Wetherby the cloudy day meant few were there this time.

Thanks to all our counters

Becky Malby, Ilkley Clean River Group