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This is my personal brand video

This is my headshot sampler. I used pictures I had and edited them in Photoshop like the class suggested rather than attempt selfies or try to take pictures of others. We are close to the end of the school year and I am trying to learn this for next year. For next year I will have the students take pictures of each other and teach them about the rule of thirds when shooting and editing the pictures. I think I will have them edit the pictures of themselves but take pictures of each other. If I had come across this class earlier than a week and a half before the end of it I would have spent more time with the creative headshot since I actually teach Photoshop, Illustrator & InDesign. I will definitely incorporate that more into my lessons for my students next year. I will also emphasize the importance of this image as a representation of their professional image. I like that the set up of this class allows me a place to put all of these thoughts so that I will have them for next year to refer to and reflect on when I plan my lessons.

Headshot sampler

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