The Printing Press By daniel Braun

The average American uses 700 pounds of pape a year.
The printing press made books accessible to all instead of writing one book in two years you could print 200 in a day. Before the printing press books were treasures to people. Still after they were treasures but easier to get.
The printing press helped the conquest of the Spaniards because they did not have to write books by hand and had more time to make weapons. Another way it helped because when the conquistadors defeated the Inca's the leader of the conquistadors Francisco Pizarro got the idea of the surprise attack from a book and without the printing press the book would have been hard to get and chances are Francisco could not have gotten his hands on it.
Writing had a huge influence on the decisions that the Spaniard made also impacted by books they read.
Without the printing press a lot of other things would have been hard to invent. One example is the telegraph. The telegraph is a machine that send code through a wave on long distance.
Without paper we could not start are nation we could not have rules one example is the constitution.
Thank you, hope you enjoyed.

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