Slavery and States' Rights Chapter 18 Section 1

1. States' rights- an argument where state power was greater than federal power.

2. Kansas-Nebraska Act- the act that allowed the Kansas and Nebraska territories to decide whether to be free or slave states.

3. Dred Scott descision- the court ruled that stated that African Americans were not citizens and therefore could not sue in federal court.

4. Secede- formally withdraw.

5. Unionists- people who wanted to stay in the union and work out differences over slavery.

6. Confederate States of America- the Confederacy.

7. Sovereignty- supremacy.

8. On March 5, 1861, the Texas Secession Convention reassembled to write a new U.S. Constitution.

9. Sam Houston died on July 26,1863.

10. Sam Houston retired in Huntsville.

The End


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