Myanmar 12 by Albert Normandin

As I relive so many moments from my 12th trip to Myanmar (Burma), here are just a few...

Fish market as the morning sun comes in
All night Stage Shows
Daily commute across the river
A few friends
More than a few children
A procession of Monks
The Nuns life
Daily routine
Last moments of sun
Morning ritual
Nurses out in full force
The Fair has come to town
Longyi weaving factory
Young Monks having fun
Upper Class
Mobile snack shop
The Green Wall as the locals come by
Shwedagon Pagoda in the early hours of the day
Brick factory workers out in the mud farm fields
Busy markets
And busy Temples
Myanmar is full of colourful and strange celebrations
Sitting Buddha
Rice and just about anything else for sale
The Lisu people in the North
Early morning chicken market
Sule Pagoda and the evening rush hour
Chin lone a traditional sport in Myanmar
Jewelry repair
The Port of Yangon
Relics of past

All images ©Albert Normandin, All rights reserved

Created By
Albert Normandin


Albert Normandin Photography

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