CRA Newsletter AutumN Term 1 - october 22nd 2020

Principal's Update

Thank you for your support this week. Students and staff have dealt well with the news that we had one student and three members of staff, all teaching assistants who have tested positive for COVID.

All staff and students who have met any of the thresholds identified by the government guidelines have been asked to self-isolate. Fortunately, all the symptoms experienced by those with a positive test result have been mild and we are pleased that all are on the road to recovery.

Staff have been busy planning for three levels of lock down in the event Boris Johnson decides to extend half-term or lock down certain year groups as Wales have. Booklets have been produced so even families with poor internet access will have work available for their children. (We know in some of the remote Lincolnshire villages internet connectivity is poor).

We have designed a tiered approach with the ideal being that students receive ‘live lessons’ via teams or a recorded session, they use online platforms such as Tassomai, Hegarty maths and Music First, and they have a booklet to accompany and consolidate the work. All students will be given an exercise book to complete their work in.

It is very important that if we do go into another full or partial lockdown that students are conscientious about completing their work so that we don’t fall behind with the curriculum.

I am looking forward to the Pumpkin carving competition and hope to see some excellent entries from students, parents and staff. The Games Master will be tweeting out some great examples to inspire you all!

I hope you have a relaxing half-term and that you and your families stay safe.

Kind regards, Mrs Jones

CRA Values

All our values are important to us at CRA. We believe that through talking about our values and what they mean to us as a community, as a house and as individuals, we can help to share our young people's character so they become responsible and good citizens who take an active part in the wider world. After half term our first character assembly is about connection, one of our 7 C's of Resilience. We want our students to build positive connections with others and develop the skills of effective communication, knowing that moving forward in life, this skill will be invaluable to their success and happiness.

Curriculum Update

We need your help! In order to make sure our students achieve their potential and consolidate learning from the classroom we need to improve the rate of homework submission. We are concerned about the volume of missed home in Years 7 – 11.

The bar chart below shows the total number of missed homeworks logged by staff between Friday 9th October and Thursday 15th October. As you can see, the volume of missed homework in year 11 is worrying, particularly when compared to our Year 7 students who are new to the academy.

Please can you continue to support you child with their homework. We kindly ask that you :

  • Check Student Portal on a regular basis with their child.
  • Engage with your child about their homework, take an interest and offer support, where possible.
  • Support your child by testing memory recall and supporting information retrieval.
  • Wherever possible ensure that they have a suitable and quiet place to complete the homework.
  • Raise concerns with their form tutor or subject teacher if you are worried about your child’s homework.
  • Speak to the academy if there is an issue with IT or Student Portal.
  • Request that your son/daughter be assigned to an ‘Academic Prep’ in the event that they need further support.

Homework is important at all stages in your child’s education and when used properly, it extends the challenge open to them and ensures that teaching time is used to maximise effect. It also makes a significant contribution to the development of independent learning.

Having the responsibility of needing to meet deadlines promotes self-discipline, an attribute which will impact on school work and beyond.

Mr Drumm - Assistant Principal

We are proud that CRA learners demonstrate these learning traits on a daily basis.

Career's Corner

What's the right career path for you?

Post 16 choices can be a difficult decision to make. It can feel overwhelming deciding what your next step is after you complete school or college.

What if you make the wrong choice? What if your results mean your first plan won't work now? Are your dreams all over?

The hashtag #NoWrongPath was started by Developing Young Workforce in Scotland. It tries to take the worry out of these decisions around exam time by showing different people and the journeys they took to the careers they’re in now. Some career paths are very straightforward. Other people find surprising routes to get the career they want. For some it is a journey of discovering what they enjoy and find fulfilling.

The best advice is simply to do something you enjoy and have a real interest in. You’re more likely to work harder and succeed at something you really want to do.

Click on BBC bitesize for some useful and practical information about post 16 choices.

Careers Week

Don't forget its our Careers Week starting 23rd November, where all year 11s will have a mock interview with local business leaders. In preparation they should be creating a CV using this template.

Watch this space for future updates concerning careers or visit the CRA website Careers Support pages.

Attendance Update


Please ensure you have checked and updated your parental consents on My Child at School. There have been some recent updates including the permission to allow us to teach your children remotely via Teams if we are forced to close a bubble of students due to Coronavirus.

We celebrate attendance at Charles Read Academy:

  • By awarding 100% attendance through our attendance raffle for a free lunch for KS3 and KS4 each week.
  • Students with 100% attendance receive 10 reward points weekly.
  • By sending a MCAS message home every week to all 100% attendance students.
  • By awarding individual certificates to individual children who have 100% for each term.
  • By awarding academy certificates to individual children who get 100% attendance for the whole academic year (September to July).
  • Celebrating and rewarding the success of those who have gained the most improved attendance throughout the academic year.

Coronavirus Symptoms

If you are uncertain about what actions to take when it comes to Covid symptoms and whether you should send your child to school, please review the attached letter from Public Health England, and posters below.

Miss Butcher - Attendance Manager

House News

Terra Crowned Portrait Artist Champions

The eagerly anticipated wait for the house portrait artist results is over and Terra have been crowned champions with this excellent portrait of Will Smith by year 10 student Billy. Billy demonstrated a high level of skill and patience to draw his portrait, taking over 5 hours to complete. Year 10 student Daisy finished in 2nd place with her portrait of Freddie Mercury and Erin in year 11 finished in 3rd place with her portrait of Malala Yousafzai.

Billy Joe Carters winning entry

There were some great entries in the staff and family categories with Mr Parker (Aqua) picking up 1st place and Mrs Garton (Caeli) finishing 2nd place earning 25 points and 20 points respectively. The family category was won by a relative of year 7 student Kelsey (Aqua) who also picked up 20 house points – pictures of all the winning portraits will be revealed over the coming days.

The 20 bonus points on offer have been awarded to Terra for the most entries bring points haul in this competition to 130 points. Aqua picked up a total of 85 points and Caeli finished in 3rd place with a total of 35 points.

The winning portraits will be framed and displayed in the House Hub area. Well done to everyone who took part.

Pumpkin Carving Competition

Spooky Season is here and we are excited to share details of two Halloween themed house competitions worth a combined total of 185 house points. The CRA house favourite is back, Pumpkin Carving as well as a brand new competition for this year, Best Halloween Costume

Both competitions are open to all students, staff and wider families to get involved in and entries will be judged within the retrospective categories.

To enter you must email a photo of your carved pumpkin and/or costume to housechampionship@charlesreadacademy.co.uk by 11pm Saturday 31st October. You can also enter by sending your entries to us via twitter or Instagram @CRA_HouseChamp

We would love to see house themed pumpkins. Remember this is open to all and it would be great to receive student and family entries. You have 10 days to plan and create your entries. 20 bonus house points will be awarded to the house with the highest participation and number of pumpkins in house colours.

We look forward to receiving your entries

House Championship Leaderboard

It is extremely close at the top of the house leader board as we head in to Half Term. 10 House points separate all 3 houses with two more sets of competition points to be added – Year 7 Task Master challenge and Attendance worth a combined total of 650 points. Attendance results will be announced over the coming days and the task master will be announced after half term.

It has been a fantastic first term back with over 120 students already representing their house teams in at least one event. We have a really exciting term of competitions coming up after half term with a total of 2510 points available across 9 competitions – Watch this space for competition details.

Have a great half term break.

For regular updates and all the latest house news and action from competitions follow us on Twitter and/or Instagram @CRA_HouseChamp

Mr Webb - Games Master

Maths Department Review - Term 1

Students have made an excellent start to the year. We have been really excited to welcome our new Year 7 cohort to the department who, over this term, have been investigating among other things the history of number systems, exploring different bases such as binary and hexadecimal.

Year 8 been reviewing how prime numbers are the building blocks of all numbers and how they are used for cyber security.

Year 9 have been focusing amongst other topics standard form and how these are used to make working with extremely large.

A highlight of this term has how our year 10 and 11 students have settled back into their mathematical studies and how hard they are working to fill any gaps that have arisen after lock down.

Mr Allen - Head of Maths

Table Talk

In House assemblies this week we have been discussing people who have shown courage to stand up for discrimination. We would love for you as a family to discuss Malala Yousafzai and her display of courage. If you want to know more about Malala, here is a link to her website.

Word of the Week

Hemi, semi: half (Greek word root)

Hemisphere a half of a sphere.

Semiconscious only partially conscious.

Semi-annual occurring twice a year.

Week commencing 9th November

Times Tables

At the end of all lessons students stand behind their chairs in silence to prepare for themselves for the next lesson. From September, on a weekly rota, Years 7 and 8 will be reciting their timetables to help embed them in their long term memory.

Week commencing November 2nd - 7 times table

Accelerated Reader

Week commencing November 2nd during period 3

Year 11 Focus

Term 1 Update

It has been a busy term for year 11, coming back to school after a long and difficult period of remote learning. With mock exams in the week they return from half term it is important for them to use this time not only to revise targeted key areas, but also to relax, get some exercise, spend time with families and to do things that they enjoy. Although using this time to revise key areas and to be prepared for the mocks is important, having time to recharge and to come back refreshed mentally and physically is vitally important for all students.

This term students in year 11 have achieved a 5987 achievement points, averaging 116 achievement points per students. Caeli are the highest scoring house, with 144 points per student, followed by Aqua with 128 points per student and finally Terra with 104 points per student.

The top 3 students are Adryhial with 204 achievement points, Ava with 207 achievement points and in first place is Beth with a massive 212 achievement points.

Students will have mock exams in the first week back, with all precautions taken to make sure that the rooms and procedures allow for social distancing. Students will all have their own seats for all the exams, with most students in the hall and students with extra provision in S4 and S5. During exam week all year 11s will register in the hall so we can make sure that they are settled and prepared for their exams. We cannot have readers for the exams, so we have ordered reading pens for students who need them to use in the exams socially distanced. It is important that all students who have extra time or other provisions use them to the best of their ability so it is their normal practice and so they will be able to use them in the Summer exams.

The exam timetable can be found on their student portal, or the whole year 11 exam timetable can be found here. The most important thing for students to remember about these exams is to have a good night’s sleep, a good breakfast and arrive hydrated. Having a water bottle (clear bottle without a label for exams) is important to help them stay focused during the exams.

It has been difficult for many of our students to get back into the routines of completing homework, and we would ask for parents help with encouraging students to complete the homework. Students with ATL’s of 1, often have this mark due to their lack of homework and it is important that students keep up with this work and ask for help. All homework will be on student portal, with Science (and English Literature after half term) on Tassomai and Maths work on Hegarty.

Finally, I would like to just repeat my congratulations to all of year 11 for their hard work this term for what has been a uniquely difficult time for them, with pressures that other year 11 cohorts have never had to face. Their maturity in handling these challenges and overcoming their anxieties has been highly impressive and they should feel very proud. I would also like to thank all the parents of year 11 students who have had to deal with their worries and concerns and have supported them and the school to overcome them.

Please make sure that students have the opportunity to relax in the holidays, it is important to remember that a little bit of revision every day mixed with fresh air, social activity (and helping around the house) will help their physical, mental and academic well being a lot more than stress and cramming for the entire week.

Mr Young - Raising Standards Lead

Teen Support

We wanted to draw your attention to the wealth of support online for Parents through the Stay Safe Partnership.

Please take the time to have a look as there is so much support out there, in particular, support and advice for keeping your children safe online.

Transition to CRA

If you have any friends of family that have children looking at options for secondary school from September 2021, please pass them the details below.

Dates for your diary

Please click on the parent calendar to see the full list of upcoming events and activities at CRA

Highlights at the start of next term include:

  • Term starts - 2nd November
  • Year 11 mock exams - 2nd - 9th November
  • Careers Week - 23rd November


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