The Telegraph By: Gracie

The invention is the telegraph. The telegraph was made by Samuel Morse, hence the fact that it is called Morse code. The telegraph was made in between the 1830's and 40's.

This is an example of the different types of telegraphs.

Telegraphs were important back then, because it helped people who were sick, needed help, or had an emergency.

This is a picture of Samuel Morse. (the inventor of the telegraph)

It changed people lives by helping them a lot. It is sorta like the domino effect. Telegraph,Telephone, Smartphone, Self-driving cars it goes on and on and on and on. It also helped people who were sick

This is a picture of one of the oldest telegraphs.

The telegraph uses a visual system called the semaphore.

. . . .___ .._ . __ _ _ . . ... . .. . _ _ _ ._ ... . .. _ . __. (Samuel Morse is amazing)

Samuel Morse's wife died of a very bad sickness. When he went back to his Conneticut home not only was his wife already dead, she was already buried. This effected Morse by making him lack on his art passion. which made a gap in the invention of the telegraph.


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