A Bit of Logic JANUARY 2017

A Note from Leadership

Happy New Year!

As we leave 2016 behind and start looking at 2017, we see some significant differences from a business perspective. Although predicting the future is a bit of a guessing game, it is part of our planning process and necessary to keep our business healthy. In 2017, we see a more moderate growth rate for our core flooring, countertop & design business. On the contrary, we will experience rapid growth in new product offerings like cabinets. These moderate growth years are phenomenal because they allow us to continue our expansion but permit us time to improve processes and procedures that were negatively impacted during the rapid growth of 2016. As you look at your area of expertise please help identify items that need a little retooling so we can build a stronger foundation than ever before.. - Jason

Toll Brothers

Interior Logic manages and staffs the Toll Brothers design studios in both Scottsdale and Tucson. We are in our 7th year at Scottsdale and our 2nd year at Tucson. Currently we see buyers from 13 different communities throughout Arizona with four more coming on line in January. Toll Brothers is about as close as you can get to a custom builder in a production atmosphere. Buyers are allowed a plethora of pre-priced options, plus almost any custom option that doesn’t require a building permit change. Depending on the community, our design appointments range from two to three days with an additional appointment(s) to finalize selections. We meet with buyers Monday through Friday and we are open for browsing on Saturday, Sunday and two Wednesday evenings a month. We are staffed with a manager, receptionist, 6 designers, 2 design assistants, 2 contract administrators, 3 in order processing and a window covering specialist. We recently finished up our two-part renovation in which approximately 90% of the design studio was redesigned. You can see from the attached before and after pictures the results are stunning! We would love for you to visit some time.

Getting to Know...

Jessica Heying Chantelle Planque

Jessica - In short, I’m originally from Iowa where I went to school for interior design and met my husband, Jake. We moved to Phoenix in late July of this year because my husband received a promotion, but spent 2012-2016 in Colorado Springs, CO where I was a designer for a semi-custom home builder. Now, as you know, I’m a designer with IL & working exclusively with Shea Family. Just for funzies; did a quick little stint in Florida at the beginning of this year and while living there, we went to Orlando to see the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Had some serious butterbeer and yes, that’s me in front of 12 Grimmauld Place, for those of you that follow. Crushed it.

Chantelle - Hey everyone, I'm Chantelle! I'm a mom to two beautiful girls. Life has been a little crazy but my girls keep me sane; along with my friends. Some things we do to stay happy and have fun are lake trips and camping trips. When I have down time I love to shop for clothes and makeup. Thanks for taking the time to learn a bit about me. Happy holidays!


  • 01/01/2008 Bob Bassett: 9 years - with management 32 years
  • 01/01/2008 Andy Seaman: 9 years - with management 17 years
  • 01/01/2008 Craig Sherman: 9 years - with management 15 years
  • 01/01/2008 Chico Vasquez: 9 years - with management 14 years
  • 01/21/2008 Jeff Cook: 9 years - with management 26 years
  • 01/16/2012 Brent Kline: 5 years
  • 01/09/2014 Angela Ruiz: 3 Years
  • 01/16/2014 David Anderson: 3 years
  • 01/04/2016 Jaime Flores: 1 year
  • 01/05/2016 Nichelle Williams: 1 year
  • 01/11/2016 Scott Hughs: 1 year
  • 01/18/2016 Carlos Romero: 1 year
  • 01/25/2016 Anthony Anderson: 1 year
  • 01/25/2016 Willie Dallas: 1 year

New Hires

  • 12/05 Ryan Morgan
  • 12/05 Mario Alonzo Navejar
  • 12/05 Shane Sorrells
  • 12/05 Erick Vielma
  • 12/10 Michelle Kommes
  • 12/19 Brad Jack

By the Numbers

  • Total Employees - 1226
  • Arizona - 211
  • Colorado - 163
  • Northern California - 184
  • Southern California - 63
  • Nevada - 171.5
  • Nevada Fabrication - 109.5
  • Florida - 149
  • Florida Fabrication - 121
  • Washington Fabrication - 47
  • Corporate - 7
  • Permits: 2016 YTD - 12,273 vs 2015 YTD - 10,812 (14% Year over year change)

Dorn Holiday Cheer

This past holiday season, the Dorn Homes sales department decided to adopt two families for Christmas. The families were found through our local food bank and, through this sponsorship, were provided a Christmas dinner, Christmas tree, an abundance of gifts and a healthy supply of household groceries. Our Prescott team wanted to lend a hand so we were able to provide some manpower with the delivery of all the donations and gifts. Everyone involved was very grateful to be provided this opportunity to help out during the holidays. Attached are some snapshots from Friday’s delivery to a family of 5 in Mayer, AZ.

Rock Star of the Year

Sophia Pickett

Congratulations to our 2016 Rock Star of the Year winner, Sophia Pickett. She was an invaluable piece to her department, managing her own responsibilities with professionalism and quick to assist her co-workers when need be. Thank you, Sophia, for demonstrating the skills and values we love to see at Interior Logic and keep it up in 2017!

The New Faces of Employee Recognition

As we start off the new year in 2017, we will be making some changes to how top performing employees are recognized. These changes are a direct result of a recent employee think tank session that was made up of a diverse cross section of our employee population. The goal was to solicit feedback from our teams so that we can continue to make Interior Logic a great place to work. Here’s what we came up with:

Rock Star of the Month - The general consensus from the think tank participants is that, while this is a nice program, doing this monthly may be too much. Also while it's valuable to receive recognition from our leaders, many would like to see more peer-to-peer driven opportunities to be recognized by your co-workers. We hear ya!

Based on this feedback, the Rockstar of the Month is now Rock Star of the Quarter culminating in a yearly winner. This will still be a leadership driven initiative that will take into consideration employees feedback regarding who should be nominated. The winner of the Rockstar of the Quarter will receive a check for $250.00, lunch for their team, and the covered parking spot if they happen to be working at the Cotton Center building.

Additionally, the Rockstar of the Quarter will be open for everyone to participate. This means we want to see nominees from Tucson, Prescott, Flagstaff & ALL of the Design Center Locations!

Just Say Thanks

Peer-to-Peer Recognition

Starting in January, we will roll out the, “Just Say Thanks” program which allows for all employees regardless of level, department or location to send a co-worker an e-mail thanking them for something specific they did that was a model example of the Interior Logic Guiding Principles. This email would be sent to the "Just Say Thanks" e-mail box which is: Thanks@interior-logic.com

Here’s what happens next:

Original email will be sent to the employees' Manager who can take the feedback and act on it as they see fit for their employee. In addition, monthly drawings will be held based on the submissions to the Thanks@interior-logic.com email box with a prize for the winners. We will also take the emails each month and post them so that they can be shared with everyone.

Thanks to all of you for your suggestions and feedback! Your voice matters and we want to continue to hear from you on these and other topics. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

Happy Birthday To...

  • Wendell Cook
  • Ann Brendel
  • Mick Planque
  • Scott Spiller
  • Tyler Audsley
  • Ovedia Moreno
  • Jennifer Botero
  • Christopher Rael
  • Steven Montijo
  • Cristy Courtney
  • Courtnee Lopez
  • Manuel Okamura
  • Brandon Hill
  • David Johnson
  • Samantha Cope
  • Mark Moran
  • John Crossman
  • Shannon Moyer
  • James Boaldin
  • Erin Hannam
  • Shane Sorrells
  • Dee Ray
  • Barbara Shannon
Health & Wellness

To help make 2017 the BEST year yet, we encourage everyone to stay as active and healthy as possible. Though a majority of us spend a lot of time at a desk, we can still do small things each day to keep our bodies moving and our minds active.

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