The chapter that was lost. What did it mean to be an American in the early 1800s? If you were and American in the 1800 it meant to be independent and to be a founder. It meant to be different than the rest and want to be free from monarchy.

The era of good feeling

American art in the early 1800s art was used to record events that happened. Folk art was very popular because the average person did it. Men maid weathervanes and hunting decoys. The women would make quilts. People painted pictures of the american flag and other important items to our country. Professional painters did very detailed portraits.

A portrait of John adams

American music in the 1800's was very diverse from slave music to folk music. The slaves sang spiritual music and blues. The slaves also sang in their native language so the guards did not know what they were singing about. There also was classical, square dance music was popular in west and south, and there were composers doing patriotic anthems.

In early american literature before the 1800 there were documents such as the Declaration of independence, treaty of paris, but as time cared on there were more books written about historical events. Also authors wrote fairy tails and fictional stories.

In the early 1800 there was a lot less debating about the Federalist and anti-federalist. Now it was the Democratic Republicans and the federalist party. The Federalist dominated up to the 1800 but then in the early 1800 Democratic Republicans dominated.

The group that would not call this the Era of Good Feeling is the slaves because they were not allowed to do anything compared to the free white man. It was miserable time for the black slave.

The Era of Good Feeling is about the good spirits of writing, art, and music. How these 3 things can make one feel "Good". The music can take u to a whole new world and dancing can let you be free and let u express yourself, finally writing was a way to escape the real world.

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