Olivia TenHarmsel 5th Hour MRS.KEmppainen// ZEELAND EAST SENIOR

Why I took this class? I took the beginning art class to challenge me to think in new ways, and see things differently. In middle school art was one my favorite classes, but every since then I haven't had a chance to fit a drawing class into my schedule. The last three years of high school most of my classes have either been an athletic course, or a traditional core class. I took the class, because all my classes felt too similar. In my other classes, you have reading and writing assignments. In art class, most of your projects allow you to simply create things, and think outside the box.

Upsidedown Drawing. Everyone has two brains a left and a right. Today's psychologist know that your left hemisphere is verbal, analytic, mathematical and, while our right hemisphere allows us to be a lot more creative, spatial, and visual, without over analyzing. This purposely helped me leave my mind blank, without identifying what I was drawing

NEGATIVE AND POSITIVE SPACES. I think of the group of objects as positive space and around and between the objects as negative space. If we separated the two groups we see something like this. I tried to balance areas of positive space with an equal amount of negative space. This helps to balance out the composition.

Hand Drawing. Between my two hand drawings, I feel I definitely made some improvements. I focused on value, the lights and darks, which made my hand pop out, and much more life like.

PROFILE. For the profile drawing, I wasn't as successful in mimicking the looks of my model as I would've hoped. Although I wasn't able to make my picture look like my friend Darci, I was able to improve my skills on value, the progressive lightness and darkness of color, in this piece. I also used shape, to outline an unrecognizable object.

STIPPLING. The piece was all about value, value is the range of brightness and darkness within your image. They are white, black and everything in between. most vital elements of whether or not your piece will be successful. Values help determine the overall lighting in your scene and how one object looks against another. I really enjoyed creating the piece, as it was something different from all of our other pieces.

STILL LIFE. Personally the most successful parts of composition in this piece are the lines, the path of a moving point. In addition, the space, the unoccupied area of composition made the piece come to life.

SCTRATCHBOARD. This piece was all about texture, the surface feel of an element. The different textures really brought the piece to life. This is one my favorite pieces because I love what it represents: Life, Liberty, and the persuit of Happiness.


2 Point Perspective. Everything has a perspective. Perspectives are an essential skill to learn for many reasons. Perspectives rely on the horizon line to find what is called a Vanishing Point. Vanishing points are where your perspective lines will originate. First you will create two vanishing points, each on one side of the object. These points will again originate from the horizon line, and the perspective lines will run from this point all the way to the object.

SELF PORTRAIT. My best skill in my new drawing, is the perception of light, and shadow. In addition my perception of edges, boundaries that separate the areas of a drawing, improved dramatically, with the use of more soft and hard edges.

Conceptual Art. In this piece, the most important part was the value. The reas of light and dark give a three-dimensional illusion.

In conclusion, I loved taking art this semester!!! If you’re tired of studying for your math exam, you can take a break by working on your Zentangeld, and you’re still being productive. The last reason I took an art class is to push me out of my comfort zone. In art class, you have to critique one another. You give and get feedback on a regular basis. This can be uncomfortable and intimidating, but ultimately, it pushes you out of your comfort zone and challenges you. From taking an art class, I’ve finally realized that it’s okay to ask for feedback or help, it means you recognize there’s always room for improvement, and other people’s feedback can inspire you to build on your own ideas.

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