Rubber band cars By mike golden and Funn duffy

The material we used was rubbernands, cardboard, popstickle sticks and duck tape.

First we got a square in the cardboard and then put the axial in, the we rolled up tapped to the axial and put the cd's and we put the rubber band on.

Our first car went 12 feet

Then we added more tape to the band so we could wind it more because it kept falling off

Our second try went 15 feet because we winded it up a lot more

The on our third try we winded it up more then

We winded our car up to much and the car folded, we had to restart

We did our same design and our car isn't going as far as it used to, so we our brainstorming new ideas and trying to break our record

We keep only getting fifteen and less feet and we keep trying to beat our record

We tried a new technique and we got 17 feet aging so our new technique is doing better

This is the graph for the speed of our car

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