Tour of the Harn By christian Chase Rodriguez

Medium of the Art / Technique of the Artist: The Primary Series: Blue Stone, an abstract ink blotch on woven paper is a medium I found very open to interpretation. Seeing it in person I saw definite shapes and color combinations that i cannot even see looking at it now in the picture I took of it. This work made me feel perplexed in the infinite ways a few random splotches of ink can mean almost anything and be interpreted millions of ways, just like life.
Design of the Museum: The Woman's Wedding Ensemble (asherab nabuak) was located directly in the center of the main exhibit room, I think this itself is a work of art. The placement in the center like the main attraction of the gallery alludes to how this dress was probably once the main attraction of someones wedding day. The placement of this piece makes me feel amazed as to how much thought and planning went into this gallery, placing each work, piece by piece.
Art and Core Values: The Islandia, Goddess of the Healing Waters sculpture embodies my core value of compassion. This sculpture of the healing waters goddess reminds me of the importance of compassion. The look of the goddess and the helping hand she is offering makes me believe in the necessity of compassion and its irrevocability from my core values.
Art and the Good Life: The Geographies graphic depicts the sharing theme of the Good Life like all art work does by being available to everyone. This piece makes me better understand the Good Life and the sharing theme by showing me how easy it is for joy, compassion, love, etc.... can be shared and celebrated giving us all a convenient yet inconvenient shot at the Good Life.


Created with images by amurca - "man artist street"

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