Zombies Michael Melgen & Ithan Levenson

What is "Zombies"?

  • Zombies is a Co-operative multiplayer table-top game
  • The objective of the game is to establish routes between your safe-zone and your friends
  • Zombies can be played by 2-4 players

What Do i need?

  • 1 game board
  • “Bridge Pieces”
  • Personal Piece
  • Game deck (91 regular movement cards, 9 bridge cards, 4 super cards, and 4 horde cards )

Game Setup

Take the tiles, divide by color, and distribute to each player. Start on respectively colored squares. Decide on the number of horde cards that will be in the movement deck (minimum 4). Shuffle the Movement deck and then split into 4 sections. At the bottom of each section put a horde card. Stack the sections back ontop of eachother without looking at the cards. Place the Full Play-Deck somewhere where everyone can reach comfortably.

Rules and How to Play


  • Players may not move more than 3 times in their own “sector”
  • Players may only move 2 spaces in “sectors” that are not their own
  • Players must place “trail” tiles whenever they move during their turns
  • IF there are only 3 players, the 4th piece will be cooperatively moved by the team, as if they were all the 4th character. If there are only 2 players, each player controls another piece.
  • Super and Horde cards cause you to draw an additional card

How to play

  • Everybody starts in their respective safe - zone
  • Players may move 3 times in their own sector, and 2 times in others
  • Each player moves their respective amount, and when all 4 players complete 2 turns around the board
  • The game is cooperative, so when every safezone connects with three bridges to all 3 other safe zones, then the game is complete and you win.
  • If all 4 horde cards are drawn, you lose the game.

On Your Turn

  • Draw three cards from the movement deck
  • Move your piece the appropriate number of times, placing tiles in a trail behind your piece
  • Discard the 3 movement cards in a separate pile

Game end

Win - Complete all routes to other Safe-zones.

Lose - The play deck runs out of cards.


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