Teacher Resources for Online Education

This site is intended to be a place for resources to remind teachers of ways to communicate with students when away from school. TCI, Renaissance Place, Accelerated Math, SORA, Big Ideas, IXL, Notability are all things you already use and can continue to be used during school closure times.

Connecting with Students Through Zoom

Zoom is a platform in which teachers can connect with students. Zoom is an application on your computer. (Or an app on your iPad)Go to the upper right hand corner with the magnifying glass and type in zoom. If you cannot find it there, go to zoom.us. If you cannot remember how to use it. Here are some tutorials to check out.


Schoology is the online learning management system that our school adopted more than 5 years ago. Creating lessons and materials within the website will give allow you to stay connected with your students. Communicate through Schoology.

Record Video with School Issued Devices

Your iPad and computer can be used to record yourself lecturing or also record the device itself using Quicktime. If you would like to have your voice and screen record the iPad you will need to airplay it to your computer and then record in Quicktime.

Using Screen Record

Record iPad w/Voice Over


All teachers have an account at Nearpod. Log in with your school Google account and find a lesson or create one. You want to choose student paced as it will give you a link to copy and paste into Schoology.


Some teachers have access to Gimkit. You can log in with your school Google account. After creating your Gimkit you can make it an assignment and share the link in your Schoology classes.


Flipgrid is an alternative way to host video based content and allow students to reply through video. They have access to their classmate's responses also with the ability to comment. Great for a discussion.

Not sure where to start? Here is a tutorial of how to get started with Flipgrid.


Padlet is an oldie but a goody! This is where you can create a wall and have student post answers to the wall. I have included a tutorial link below. You will go to Padlet and then log in with your school Google account.


A non traditional place to look for content would be a podcast. There are many different ways to find podcasts whether you google it or use your iPad and use the app. Assigning a podcast episode or series to listen to, followed by a response (video/post/discussion forum) can be a powerful way to access learning in new ways.

Online List of MANY Resources

Many people have come together to put together a list of many companies that are offering their services for free for schools affected by COVID19. The button below will take you to a list that is being updated continually.

Last But Not Least

Do not forget that you have to take care of yourself too. Remember that you have several people that support you. Email the tech team or call them. They can help you set up your zoom room or Brenda can help you make your lessons digital. We are here to help you.


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