the Good Life Tour of the Harn Feiyi Wang

the last sight of Harn museum


Feb.19 was a sunny day that was suitable for a tour. It was a Sunday, so I got up at noon, had a simple brunch, and went to the Harn museum with Yinjie and Zhuoyu.

I arrived a little bit earlier than both of my friend, so I stood by the sculpture of giant ants which I took a picture of and used as my cover of the spark story. While waiting for Yinjie and Zhuoyu, I saw many families, children with their parents or grand parents, holding hands, laughing, went into the Florida museum of natural history. Such scene, little kids going out with their parents under the pleasant warm sunshine on the weekends, just remind me that my parents used to take me out when I was younger. And now I'm far away from home, alone, speaking a foreign language, eating exotic food, feeling extremely lost and uncomfortable almost every single day. I almost bursted into tears before Yinjie called my name.


This sculpture of the huge metal sphere was almost the first art work we saw after we stepped into the museum. Yinjie and I were discussing how we had trouble in our lives to interpret abstract works when the sphere with metallic sheen came into our sight. At that moment, this sculpture was all that I could see. After read the description, I learned that it was originated from crashed cars, and was sprayed with auto lacquer. I believe that this sculpture was designed to question the impact of industry towards our lives. As my interpretation, The core of this sculpture corresponds with the Walden Pond


The exhibit "Women Artists from the Harn Museum" was hidden behind a door between two huge oil paintings. As I crossed the door, the yellow poster with slogan "Do women have to be naked to get into the met. museum?" caught my eyes and kind of shocked me. As I continued in this exhibit, all of these posters, these datas, these slogans, the difference between numbers of male and female faculty in art department of several universities even shocked me more. As there's no significant difference between male and female's talent, why opportunities are given so uneven?


This exhibit came from my motherland, China. In fact, it was a part of a ancient chinese musical instrument—bianzhong. It came from the same country as I did, and left its family as I did. I stared at it, for a minute I thought that we are the same kind. Here it lies as a exhibit, but it was made to be a musical instrument. I did sorry for it, as it can't do its job as it should be after so many years, far from home.


I stared at the video for more than 10 minutes, in the mirror, looking at both the video and the figure of myself. It was a simple performance of three men wearing colorful costumes dancing in the center of the crowd. It has neither superb costumes, nor even stage. Still, there was pure joy on face of both audience and performers. I couldn't stop wondering: these people in front of the camera, seems to be so happy with the performance, while many gorgeous grand shows, from Shanghai to Las Vegas, didn't make me feel that way. It was just like Siddartha stayed in the city as a businessman. He was rich, wearing fancy clothes, but sort of lost in his big house, and finally decided to leave all these things.

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