The Cavaliers in their quest for back-to-back Championship. As usual Cleveland is the underdog again. Golden State picked up Kevin Durant from OKC and once again everyone is on the Warriors band wagon. After winning Cleveland's first NBA Title we still get no respect. We all understand that Durant is a great player, but until you defeat the Champions they should always be the favorite.

Reflect on Last year with The Block and The Shot!

Now let's focus on this year and winning Back-to-Back titles


LeBron James, Kyrie Irving, Kevin Love, Tristan Thompson, JR Smith, Dahntay Jones, Channing Fry, Deron Williams, Derrick Williams, Iman Shumpert, James Jones, Kay Felder, Edy Tavares, Richard Jefferson & Kyle Korver


The Cavs lost Matthew Delevadova and Timothy Masgov to free agency as the asking price was too much to keep them. They both will surely be missed as they both brought toughness and defense to this team.

The Cavs started off on fire, but then they hit a stretch of losses and then lost JR Smith for 3 months with a thumb injury. The team tried using different people in JR spot, but just couldn't find that right combination.


The Cavs made another big pickup during the season as they picked up Kyle Korver from Atlanta and then Deron Williams. The pickup of Derrick Williams was key as Love was down with an injury and he brought some quickness on defense and good scoring.

The Cavaliers had there ups and downs this year and didn't really look sharp as they did in 2016. At times they look like the best in the league and other times they look lost. The Cavaliers go into the playoffs a team still searching for consistency. They will be led by the BIG 3 "LeBron, Kyrie & Love", but will rely on there bench players. Look for key players such as JR Smith & Kyle Korver to step up and add that needed scoring power for the Cavs.

The Cavaliers went out and tried to make mid-season pickups, but lost Bogut in his first game as a Cavs to a broken leg. The Cavs are still short on big men, but in the East that shouldn't be a problem. Kyrie goes into the playoffs in a slump, but when it's playoff time he will show up. Hopefully Lue will play some of the bench players and not wear down LeBron and Kyrie. Lue has to have trust in his bench players as most of these guys deserve some time and could help this team.

I will always go back to my saying of Kerr being a much better coach than Lue and with this team Kerr would have at least 10 guys playing. There is no reason why Derrick Williams should not be seeing any time. Derrick is versatile on defense and by Lue having him rot on the bench he has lost that edge he had when he first came here and that is due to Lue bad coaching. This team could be much better if Lue had trust in players. This team will win the Championship only if Lue pulls the right strings and play his bench. Without that they will lose as they will be burned out.

Going into the playoffs this was a key comment by Chris Fedor of the Cleveland Plain Dealer 4-10-2017 - "Part of the issue is Lue's inability to build trust in the group. The other problem is every player coming off the bench besides Deron Williams is a specialist, needing one of the stars to create shots for them". This is in regards to Lue not playing Derrick Williams and trusting the bench like other coaches do.

The Cavs will close the season as the #2 seed in the East. Cleveland is still the team to beat and can get past anyone in the East without the home court advantage, but they need to get clicking on all cylinders when the playoffs start. The Cavs cut DeAndrea Liggins and picked up Dahntay Jones to go into the playoffs which is nice to have that veteran on the team. LeBron has said that he wished Dahntay was on the team at the beginning of the season.

This year will be a much harder task for the Cavs to repeat as Champions as this team has been up-and-down most of the year and don't seem to have that edge. Teams are not fearing the Cavs now especially after the kinds of loses they've had. The Cavs need to come out of round 1 with a resounding series to let everyone know that they are the beasts in the NBA. The Cavs can repeat, but I would love to see Lue use Derrick Williams in the playoffs and not just against certain teams.





Cavaliers escape Pacers, 109-108, for 1-0 lead in opening playoff series

The Cavs survived a last-second shot attempt by Indiana to take series opener. Game 2 is Monday in Cleveland. Kyrie played a great defensive game as he made some key steals to help the Cavs pull this win out.

The Cavs looked to get the consistency going in game 2 and leave no doubts as to how good they really are. The Cavs played this game from the beginning like a Championship team, but again in the 4th quarter is where their starting to have the problem of scoring. Indiana got good play from Lance Stephens, but the Cavs will live with that as he can be erratic at times and that helps the Cavs. The man they call the Cavs killer C.J. Miles missed a open 14 foot jumper that would have given Indian the 1-0 lead, but it was short.


Cavs avoid fourth-quarter collapse, win Game 2 over Pacers Irving scores 37 as Cavs hold on to beat Pacers 117-111

The Cavs big three showed up today as Kyrie scored 37, Love 27 and LeBron 25 . The Cavs built a 18 point 3rd quarter lead by pounding the ball down low to Kevin Love and he responded by scoring at will. The Cavs then hung on in the 4th quarter to take a series 2-0 lead headed to Indiana on Thursday.

Love finished with 27 points on 6-of-7 from the field, including 3-of-4 from 3-point range. He also was 12-of-12 from the free-throw line. The Cavs also got a big game from Shumpert who filled in for J.R. Smith who had a hamstring injury coming out for the second half. This goes back to Lue questionable coaching as Shumpert would have been on the bench for the second straight game if not for Smith injury. Who said that Lue is a great coach. Like I said and I will continue to say it "Lue needs to trust his bench and play them".


LeBron's magic act -- without Kyrie and Kevin

Cleveland Cavaliers rally from 25-point halftime deficit behind LeBron James, stun Indiana Pacers in Game 3, 119-114

The Cavaliers did what has never occurred in NBA playoff history Thursday night, rallying from a 25-point halftime deficit to stun the Indiana Pacers, 119-114, in Game 3 of the first-round playoff series.

LeBron James showed what a real MVP does unlike Westbrook to get his teammates involved in the game and comeback from being down 26 pts in the second half to beat Indiana on the road. LeBron hit key 3-pointers in the third quarter to start the comeback and then the bench players responded. Kyrie Irving was having a bad night on 4-17 from the floor and that's when I would say Lue did his best coaching since being the head coach by sitting Kyrie down in the 3rd quarter for the rest of the game and brought in Deron Williams.

The Cavs scored 35 points in both of the last quarters and left the fans in Indiana looking lost. LeBron was hitting 3-pointers and slamming down hammer dunks on his way to finishing with 41 points, 13 rebounds and 12 assists with 28 of those points coming in the 2nd half..


Cavaliers Complete Sweep in Indiana

LeBron Leads the Way, Wins 21st Straight First Round Matchup

Deron Williams provides second-quarter spark for Cavaliers, is difference-maker in Game 4 win

Tristan Thompson continues to be a postseason weapon, pulling down a whopping 25 offensive rebounds. It seems as though Deron has gotten into playing shape and has proven to be a key pickup for the Cavs this season just like Frye was for them last year. Deron wet 4-4 from the floor to score 14 points and was key for the Cavaliers in the 3rd quarter.

This comment "Perhaps Lue would've turned back to Shumpert regardless. But earlier in the series, he said Jefferson was better for this particular matchup". but I doubt it. If JR wouldn't have pulled hurt in game 2 Shumpert would still be on the bench. Lue has no clue on how to use his bench. If not for LeBron there is no telling how many games this series would have gone.

Lue does draw up some great plays off of time outs and makes a few good calls here and there, but without LeBron this would not be a Championship team. I would like to see if Lue pulled the right strings and see the Cavs blow some of these teams out. Only time will tell, but LeBron could use some rest.

2nd Round


Cavs continue playoff dominance of Raptors, 116-105

LeBron James' absurd alley-oop illustrates bigger Raptors problem

Happy hour: LeBron scores 35, grabs beer as Cavs top Raptors

The Cavs seemed to have brought there defense to this game as they were smoldered all over DeMar DeRozan. The Cavs constantly double DeRozan almost everytime he got the ball and that threw the Raptors offense off. Like to see what type of defense the Cavs throw at the Raptors in game 2 as you know they will be ready for this.

The Cavs seemed to be too much for the Raptors from the start as they started off fast and never let up. Kyrie started off by having a great game and then LeBron took over from there as he finished with 35 points, 10 rebounds & 4 assist. The game wasn't as close as the final score would show. The Cavs would build a lead and the Raptors would make a run only for the Cavs to score a few more points and the lead was back up to 20 or more.

LeBron James considered swigging a beer while scoring 35 points, Kyrie Irving added 24 and the Cleveland Cavaliers picked up where they left off following a long layoff and throttled the Toronto

Major hops: LeBron scores 35, grabs beer as Cavs top Raptors

"Let me get a drink as I finish off the Raptors tonight"


Cavaliers widen considerable gap with Raptors in 125-103 victory

J.R. Smith, Cavs keep DeMar DeRozan from igniting again

LeBron came out early and let the game come to him and then he erupted. Kyrie also had an off night, but Channing Frye provided the punch the Cavs needed off the bench by hiting 2 quick 3's. J.R played great defense on DeRozan and totally took him out of the game. DeRozan finished with 5 points. If it wasn't for Jonas Valanciunas scoring 23 this would have been a total blow-out.

The game was not close for long as the Cavs built a double digit lead and coasted the rest of the way. No beer for LeBron tonight, but he provided much entertainment by scoring at will. The Cavs look to take the same energy and momentum into Toronto, but it will be tough with there crowd into it. The Cavs started the game off by going 8-8 on 3's and finished the game red-hot 18-of-33 (.545) from 3-point range.

Congrats to @KingJames of the @cavs for moving up to 2nd on the #NBAPlayoffs SCORING list!


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