Nature on Display

Me @ Frog Exhibition

The first exhibition that I went to is the Frog Exhibition. It was interesting for me because I like snakes and amphibians. The design of exhibition made me able to appreciate the nature as I was in the forest. The glass boxes were arranged very naturally and it was very to spot the frogs. I learned much more about the eatable frogs. There is a species of frog called Smoky Jungle Frog. It is a fat frog and its rear legs look big and beefy. The local people even called it "mountain chicken". I would never be able to tell how Smoky Jungle Frog really looks like unless I have ever seen one-which I did in this exhibition. I found walking around the glass boxes to be so enjoyable. They remind me of the snake museum that I used to go back home.

Smoky Jungle Frog or the "mountain chicken"

Nature and Ethics

The Native American land exhibition

This was the Native American land exhibition. It gave me an opportunity to experience how does the grassland looks like before they were turn into cities. There were animal sound simulation which I think it was very good because the sound seemed so real. However, I think this was nothing compare to the real grassland and forest. It just remind me of the time I spent in Costa Rica, where I attended the high school. It reminded me of the time I volunteered in national parks. In other words, I was able to relate to it just because I were there before. Although, the museum does provide encourage to respect the nature. It reminded me that the city that I walked in today is made from one of these land.

Nature and Human Spirit

Mastodon Exhibition

The Mastodon exhibition inspired me of how mystery the nature is. It is interesting to think about evolution. There are always some questions that I am curious about such as why does kidneys look like bean? Mastodon exhibition imply that there are still a lot of things we do not know about nature. It took archeologist decades just to figure out how did Mastodon look like? So, we might never be able to know everything about the nature before human beings extinct from this planet in the future. To summarize, this exhibition reminded us that we are just one of millions of species that have ever lived on this planet and we are still a part of nature, not the one controlling it.

A butterfly in the Butterfly Rainforest Exhibition...


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