My Constans Theater Experience by: Ian Milaski

The Spatial Experience

When I entered the building, I became very excited to see the play and I enjoyed seeing all of the displays of artwork in the lobby. I sat towards the left side of the auditorium and I was fairly close to the stage, so I had a great view. When the lights dimmed, all taking ceased and everyone turned their attention to the stage at the same time. The auditorium was very large and so I could hear many different sounds around me, I saw flashing lights, and other cool features as the performance progressed. Also, since Good Life students are required to see the play, I honestly didn't expect much out of the performance, but after it finished, I was so impresed. In the context of where a play is performed, the role of place in the good life really enhances an audience's reactions and views of the performance.

The Social Experience

Sitting with other Good Life students in the auditorium.

I attended the performance with people that I have never met before. Before the performance, I read up on the significance of each actor in the play and what the overall themes of the play are in the booklet posted on Canvas. Reading up on the play sparked my curiosity because I couldn't wait to see how the play would bring all the social controversies and drama together in one performance. Attending the performance with people I had never met before really enchanted my experience because I could observe other people's reactions to scenes and talk freely about the play afterwards. Shared experiences in the good life introduces new perspectives, beliefs, and feelings that can be learned to be appreciated. Every individual is unique and it is always fun to converse and exchange ideas with other people to broaden your perspectives of the world.

The Cultural and Intellectual Experience

Women making teddy bears in a factor in 1915.

The play is set in 1905 in Quebec City. During this time women were viewed as insignificant in society and unable of social advancement. Children worked very long hours in factories and catholic priests were sacreliguous. "The Divne" exposes all of these mistreatments of people and shows a very dark and horrible time in the early 20th century. The horrible mistreatment of people is the central issue addressed. I knew of these problems because of history classes that I have taken in which I learned about Industrial America in the 1900s and societal views of people at the time. After watching the play, I realized that horrible mistreatment of people in regards to their looks or genetic makeup unfortunately still occurs today, despite many UN human rights laws and laws within certain countries. In my life, sometimes I find myself quick to judge others, but no one is ever what they seem to be. I always want to live my life and appreciate every individual despite their gender, race, ethichity, religious views, etc.

Pictures of me before the performance and a picture from a play performed in Toronto, Canada.

The Emotional Experience

Talking with the actors after the performance.

"The Divine" helps us provide an opportunity for katharsis because it encourages us to deeply reflect on our own lives. I have sinned a lot, broken promises, mistreated people because of the way they act, not displayed the best version of myself, and have not acknowledged the implications of issues that are in the world around me. "The divine" has encouraged me to always be informed before discussing a topic, never be quick to judge people, reflect on my strengths and goals, focus on more community involvement, and to treat every indivual with dignity and respect. If more people in this world would act in ways that would not infringe on the happiness and dignity of others, the world will be a happier place.

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