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Main Characters

Cedric Jennings is an ambitious teen in a troubled neighborhood with dreams to go to the Ivy Leagues. He is on the bottom of the social pyramid, gets straight A's, and doesn't attend school assemblies for fear of harassment. At home he helps out with a lot and of the work while studying concurrently. He also has a mom that has made God the center of his life.

Barbara Jennings is a single woman that has lived a troubled life. From childhood, all she has ever known is abandonment and resentment. She tries to balance out her numerous jobs while taking care of her growing teenage son. She sometimes realizes that she's not there for him but there's not much else she can do. She has made an effort from his early years to make God and church a part of his being. It is all she can do to steer him clear of the drugs and violence that surround their city.

Cedric Gilliam is a man with no clear direction in life. He has always found a way to get in trouble with the law. He was a man with many girlfriends until one of them eventually got pregnant. He wanted her to get an abortion and she refused so he left her.

Mr.Taylor is a teacher at Ballou HS that has helped Cedric along the way. He is the teacher that Cedric comes to for advice and the person that he seeks when sneaking away from the good performance assemblies. Mr.Taylor also helps to calm Cedric down when there are situations that just seem to overbearing. Cedric sought him to talk about how he feels and for reassurance on acceptance into the MIT program.

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Characters Today

Cedric Gilliam went through drug rehab and began developing a relationship with his son.

LaTisha dropped out of UDC for small office jobs. She eventually quit those jobs to sell candy for her church.

Barbara Jennings was evicted from her apartment due to many loans. She moved to another apartment and has managed to pay off many of her debts. She still relies on the church for help and support.

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