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What was the Trojan War?

The Trojan War was a bronze conflict between the kingdoms of Troy and Mycenaean Greece (history.com).

How did the war start and end?

The war basically war begun after the abduction of Queen Helen of Sparta by the Trojan prince Paris. Helen's jilted husband Menelaus convinced his brother Agamemnon, king of Mycenae, to lead an expedition to retrieve her (history.com). The Trojan War ended when the Greeks defeated Troy using a large wooden horse. The hollow wooden horse helped the Greeks gain entry inside the walls of Troy (reference.com).

Who were the major players in the war?

The major players in the Trojan War are (about.com):

Agamemnon was the brother in law of Helen of Troy, he was married to Clytemnestra, the sister of Menelaus' wife, Helen of Troy.
  • Andromache was the loving wife of the Trojan prince Hector and mother of their son, Astyanax. Hector and Astyanax were killed, Troy destroyed, and (at the end of the war) Andromache was taken as a war bride, by Neoptolemus, son of Achilles, to whom she bore Amphialus, Molossus, Pielus, Pergamus.
  • Cassandra, a princess of Troy, was awarded as a war bride to Agamemnon at the end of the Trojan war. Cassandra prophesied their murder, but as was true with all her prophecies because of a curse from Apollo, Cassandra was not believed

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Ajax was one of the suitors of Helen and so one of the members of the Greek force against Troy in the Trojan war. He was almost as skilled as Achilles. Ajax killed himself.

How does the Odessey relate to the Trojan war?

The Trojan War relates to Oddyssey because when the Trojan war was over Odysseus was cursed to sail the seas without seeing home.

Who was Homer?

Homer was the author of the two semi-legendary epics, the Iliad and Odessey.

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