The Dust Bowl A Presentation By: Serena, Mason, and Zoe

What was it?

"The Dust Bowl was a drought and because of the drought the wind blew around all of the top soil and over farmed dust. It was also an agricultural decline for parts of Texas, Colorado, New mexico, Oklahoma, and Kansas. They were also called Black Blizzards"(Amadeo 1).

When did it happen?

"It happened in 1931-1939"(American Express 1).

What happened?

"Due to the over farming and top soil and dust blowing around damaged the agriculture and economy. Farmers were given 200 million dollars to help them improve there finance mortgages"(American Express 1)."The swirling dust also chocked cattle"(

What did it look like?

It looked like dark clouds of smoke and dust swirling over head and coding anything in its path.

Why is it important to the history in Mice and Men?

It it important to the history of Mice and Men because it takes place in the mid 1930s which is during The Dust Bowl and during the beginning of over cropping which formed The Dust Bowl.


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