My Saturday! By: Lauren Boisvert

The first thing I did on my Saturday morning was go on my phone. In the following picture it looks like I'm asleep but it's actually me on my phone on my bed.

Right after I got up, I immediately had to get ready for my gymnastics meet! The next picture shows me walking into Airborne for my next gymnastics meet.

As you can see, in the picture you can see my team jacket on and galaxy leggings along with meet hair for competition

During the meet. my mom took a picture of me and my gymnastics friend Lilia after bars. On our hands you can notice our grips which help us hold onto the bar and not fall off. She was able to get a picture of us before our next event which was beam!

There were only two of us because we were the only ones who needed the evaluation.

After bars was beam and this meant I got time to warm up before competing on the beam. In order to help us warm up, one thing we do is practice our routine on the duck tape lines on the floor which are skinny just like the beam in order to help us warm up. In the following picture my mom caught a picture of me doing a handstand just like the one in my beam routine.

Beam was my last event that day. When you do gymnastics you get scored on how well you do on each event while doing your routine. For example, the best score you can possibly get is 10.0 meaning that you were perfect. At the end of the meet they add up your scores and whoever has the highest score gets first place and so on. Since Lilia and I skipped Gold, we went to the Platinum classes which is the next level up in Xcel. However, this meet was our evaluation from Gold so that in our future Platinum meets we would qualify as a Platinum gymnast. The way we evaluated was based on the scores of this meet. We had to get a 30.0 or higher. Luckily, this was not difficult for either me or Lilia! Lilia and I both beat 30.0 by five whole points! That made us official Platinum gymnasts. The following picture shows my bed meaning that as soon as I got home I went to bed (with the exception of eating dinner first). I went to to bed super early because on Sunday I would have another meet for Pole Vaulting making it so I needed to wake up at 5:00 AM so I could get to the competition on time.

The End! ;)

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