Lost Boys Of Sudan Quinn Falish

The Lost Boys were at a Refugee Camp in Kenya. Lots of them were sick or hurt and needed help.

After months of walking 10,000 boys walked across the border into a Refugee Camp in Kenya. But many boys were killed. Some younger boys were struggling to keep up so the older boys had to carry them, but not all young boys could be carried so they were eaten or killed by animals like Crocodiles, Hyenas, and Lions. Most boys were sick or injured and needed help in the Refugee Camp. They slept on plastic sheets on dirt and mostly ate wheat flour and dried corn.

When the boys were at the Refugee Camp in Kenya they went to school outside with up to 100 kids.

In 2000 their story became popular around the world. Then 3,000 Lost Boys were given new homes in the United States. Most boys haven't even seen Televisions, Snow, and lights. The first year in America was hard for the boys. Most boys did not own anything. Even Birthdays! They were all given the same birthday. January 1st.

Most boys are in their twenties. The boys have adjusted well in the U.S. Work and Education are very important to the Lost Boys. Some are already working with computers. The Lost Boys have made a successful life in the Unites States.

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