DTC #9: Medusasan Respect the chef...and the dancefloor.





Savor the locally claimed “closest thing to Tokyo sushi in LA.”

Get a little dark on a few of the best dance floors in the city.

Omakase is a Japanese phrase meaning “I will leave it to you.” Derived from the word 任せる (makaseru): to entrust.
Stop 1

omakase from a sushi master

• 9pm to 10:15pm •

A non-descript door saddled by two dinged up AC units are your first impressions of the local legend Shibucho. The moment you pass through the basic façade you’re transported thousands of miles away to a small sushi house in Tokyo. The fresh light bounces off every inch of the wood covered room blinding you for a moment from the lucky few at the bar savoring their experience. Like passing through a dense cob web the respect for Chef Shige is felt as you are guided to your table or seat at the bar. There is no menu and there is no need for a menu. The chef prepares the buttery sashimi and sushi with whatever he literally has at his fingertips. You’ll slowly indulge on unknown filets while embracing the simplicity of the atmosphere and complexity of the tastes. After you’ve placed your chopsticks down for the last time and sent a heartfelt goodbye to the chef the door will abruptly close behind you on Beverly Blvd. A quick look around will force a glance at where you came from, but don’t worry another world waits not 200 feet away.

Stop 2


• 10:30pm until you can't dance anymore •

Two stone lions greet you as you enter the gothic enshrined Medusa Lounge. It’s a little on the early side which allows you to notice the intricate carvings in almost every corner of the dungeon. It’s almost comical how far you’ve come from the wooden confines of 15 minutes ago. Pony up to the bar and grab a cocktail before taking a load off underneath interestingly faced stained glass windows. In a few moments the scantily clad partiers will begin to trickle in and grab their drinks en route to the back room. Make your way past departed angels, devil faces and a life size Roman statue to be surrounded by funky reggae and a crowd worthy of this cavernous location. Dance your way into the night and bounce between the rooms. The DJs will make sure you don’t miss a beat until you've finally allowed the door to close behind you on Beverly Blvd. There you stand. Another world departed...with so many more to discover.


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