Total Destruction by Daniel Struk

Do you wonder sometimes what to do if an earthquake struck right now? Well, I am going to tell you some facts and what to do in case of an earthquake.

How to be Safe During an Earthquake

  • If you think you feel a rumble under you and you see stuff breaking around, then those might be signs of an earthquake.
  • Always get under the closest table or chair.
  • Windows are always dangerous during an earthquake; never stay close to them because earthquakes will most likely break windows and once the window breaks, the glass goes everywhere and can cut you.

How to be Safe After an Earthquake

  • Evacuate the building after the earthquake because you never know what else can happen.
  • Once the earthquake is over make sure the gas and electricity is off. If not, act fast and turn it off.
  • Then, there is usually a place (like a school) where everyone gathers and usually there are nurses or paramedics giving out food and helping the wounded. Go there because it will be helpful.
  • Also, if you are wounded and have no place to go wrap your wound with a blanket or clothing and make sure you are not bleeding or…….you can die from blood loss.
  • Here is a video of what can happen to a propane tank because of an earthquake:
this is a propane tank

Once you have followed these instructions you are probably going to be OK.

Mini Quake

Now that you survived the first wave, which is usually the biggest, there is commonly an aftershock. An aftershock is a small earthquake usually following a bigger earthquake.

Aftershocks are dangerous because people are still recovering from the bigger one and when you least expect it, it comes. When you think it is coming, follow the same instructions as if it was a big earthquake - go to a safe place and bring food, water, flashlight, and tent.

Helping Hand

If you see someone hurt you should always call for help, if there is no one near by you should help them. If they are wounded, rest them on the ground and ask them if they have a cut. If they do, wash it with water and wrap their cut with any clothes or blanket. This will stop infections and will maybe save their life. This is the best way to treat someone by yourself.

I hope this taught you something about earthquakes.

Source:Book Quake

by Joe Cottenwood


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