Visit to Harn By Andrew plummer

Medium/Technique of the Art: The jade carvings, paintings, and vases are the pieces of art that I found most striking in person. It is obvious from just looking at each piece that the artist metaphorically put their blood, sweat, and tears into their work. The level of detail I could see in each piece, particularly the painting of a Floridian marsh/swamp, made me feel like I was there looking through the lens of a camera at that scene. Personally I find jade to be very beautiful, I feel this way because the jade is opaque and the images depicted are of families and of natural scenes, both of which i find very beautiful individually so carving them into a rock makes it even more interesting. The art communicated to me that life is beautiful and more than meets the eye. It also communicated to me that even though it takes a large amount of work to create one of these pieces, the potential for its longevity makes it all worth it. The artwork made me feel appreciative, analytical, and aesthetic.
Design of the Museum: I appreciate the design of the museum design is the Highlights from the Asian Collection Exhibit. I find this exhibit appealing because of a number of factors. For one I like the art in this exhibit more than most because of the many geometric figures and sculptures. The oriental art in this exhibit is also a personal favorite of mine because of the topics they depict. The transition from tile to hard wood floors fits nicely with the artwork and makes the careful design of the floor plan obvious. The lighting in all of the exhibits adds to the ambience of the museum and its visual appeal. The use of empty space in this exhibit helps draw attention to the art, the simplicity compliments the complexity of the art on display. This art makes me feel powerful, confident, and happy just as shown in the picture in the bottom right.
Art and Core Values: The Excavation painting appeals to one of my core values and that of America. This value is is work ethic, America was built on the backs of our grandmothers and grandfathers and I will always be grateful for that. The visual representation of hard working Americans working together allows me to explore how great it is that America is diverse and its construction facilitates the success of our country. This helps me understand what hard work means to me and what it means to be American. This artwork instills joy and confidence in me. It puts abstract faces to a concept that i can see and appreciate more deeply because of it.
Art and the Good Life: The painting of a countryside with mountains and a large lake is a beautiful piece that displays the mastery of it's artist. The theme that this piece evokes is Thinking About the Good life. By seeing this grand landscape it makes me question what I want out of my future home, where I want to live, what house I want to live in, and more. It communicates this theme by its appeal of and relate ability for those who have played their eyes on a similar scene. It adds to my appreciation and understanding by making me think, by making me think, I ask further questions about myself and to myself and upon finding those answers I feel enlightened and can chase my Good Life.

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