The Olympics Should Austin host the olympics?

“She's getting the gold” “Victory is ours!” “USA, USA, USA”.This is the sound of victory and happiness, but there are more sounds You might hear “beep,beep,beep” “we..wo..we..wo” “HONK” “HONK”, The sound of sirens, car alarms, and engines surround you, and while your trying to sleep it sounds like New York City has just exploded.These are some of the roaring sounds of the Olympics. This is why we need to find the perfect place to host the Olympics.

This past year the Olympic committee has been trying to find a strong city to host the olympics. They looked at a few cities like Boston and LA. If they had looked into Austin there would be a few problems they would've ran into, like they wouldn't have enough room because they'd have to have 45,000 hotel rooms, a 5,000 person dining hall, an Olympic village that can sleep 16,500 people.

Also the City of Austin will not want to have to spend anything in between 1-50 billion dollars, because it costed Sydney in 2000 $4.7billion and Beijing $42 billion and all the way to Rio with $10 billion dollars. Besides we already have enough to pay in taxes.

Another reason we shouldn't host the Olympics is because there would betons more traffic and Austin is one of the top places to live in the country and more and more people come to live here every single day. While if billions of people come to visit from all over the world, they'll see how great our city is and we definitely won't have enough room to build more apartments, houses, restaurants, and we’ll run out of jobs for all these people.

Although, some people think Austin hosting the Olympics is a good idea because the City Of Austin would finally fix up some things they have needed to fix for a long time, like some of our roads, street signs, gas stations, etc. They also think people would love our city, which means more people wouldwant to visit and move here. Also, more people would want to visit which means more traffic and less space.

I think that our city should not host the Olympics, we don't have enough room, it would cause more traffic, and we don't want to have to spend all that money. And especially all the noise, but that noise doesn't just last for a day it lasts for 2 weeks and 2 days! In the long run, I think it's better not to host the Olympics.


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