Marie D'Angelo Creative Problem Solver

Digital Media Pro, loves analyzing data, automating tasks, and driving engagement. Problem solver. Productivity junkie. Strategic superhero. Designer. Creator. Useless fact hoarder. Organized. Skilled. Curious. Efficient. Interested in learning more about big data and AI.

Have You Met Marie?

Marie D’Angelo is a Digital Pioneer. She is a creative problem solver with over a decade of strategic and digital marketing experience. Marie has previously worked with major corporations, press, music, art, e-commerce, non-profits, events, and causes. Marie’s favorite tasks include automation, engagement strategy, and data-driven decision making. She is here to help you with marketing, strategy, research and development. Also, she’s totally awesome.

People think I'm good at this

true fact

Marie is a digital professional with a deep understanding of rapidly changing digital media and data-driven communications. We rely on Marie to ensure that our digital comms reach their full potential. Marie is both strategic and highly detailed in her work. She has managed digital strategy, email and social channels excellently, building engagement and community with focus and flexibility. I highly recommend her.

says her last boss

Marie is a social media expert. She was initially hired to help with MySpace. Since then, she's mastered every platform implemented. She's a creative indispensable team player who takes initiative.

when she moved to brooklyn & began her digital engagement career

Marie was a dedicated, self-starter and professional member of the team. She worked hard, offered suggestions and ideas to help the department. I would not hesitate to hire Marie again and would welcome the opportunity to work with her again.

Out of this world, still corporate approved

Marie returned to Richmond, VA in the summer of 2016.
After a decade in NYC, she chose an in-unit W/D over proximity to pizza and bagels.

Cool as ice.

  • First AOL screenname: MarieDDDD
  • Collecting followers since 1997
  • First social network: BOLT
  • First "blog": OpenDiary
  • First webhost: expages
  • First coding language: html
  • Used twitter before Kanye.
  • Branded marieiscool in 2001
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Marie D'Angelo


marieiscool is a digital strategist

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