What is the actual benefit behind being an online learner? The argument behind "The Online Learner" by Nada Dabbagh

The benefits of online learning

The internal locus of control

The web can help teach all different types of learners

Helps with written learning
Social learning skills
Reflection skills
Self and group evaluation skills

BUT what about the cons of online learning?

It is easy to procrastinate work.

Finding the motivation for something that is not due for weeks is very hard.

"Undergraduates represent 82.4% of the total population taking at least one course online"

This shows that the total population of students taking courses might be required to take an online course. This also shows that their whole education is not just online, it includes things that are learning in classrooms. If you take a student completely out of a classroom you affect the way they learn. This potentially takes the benefit out of courses all together.

In a classroom one can find social interactions with peers and adults.

If they sit at home they only have themselves to communicate with in person which is not healthy for a young mind.

Overall, it is more productive to keep learning focused on classroom work, but some online classes are helpful.


http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-VfsBdegKBmA/VDIMoBneRQI/AAAAAAAAJLU/BB-aqUg-Bs8/s1600/Nelson-Mandela-Quotes.jpg http://www.alprazolamaddictionhelp.com/images/how-alprazolam-abuse-can-mask-antisocial-personality-disorder-300x198.jpg http://colleendilen.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/12/social-media-learning-chart1.jpg http://www.voicesofyouth.org/assets/5471650b097f5-full.jpeg http://www.queensjournal.ca/sites/default/files/styles/large/public/img/story/2008/09/16/v136i7fe1.jpg?itok=vo31EcY0 https://media.licdn.com/mpr/mpr/AAEAAQAAAAAAAAlUAAAAJGYzNmYzMjE4LWY2YWUtNDZjMC05ZmE0LTU5NGYyYTM4MWI0ZQ.jpg http://us.123rf.com/450wm/zurijeta/zurijeta1701/zurijeta170101365/69479866-kid-working-on-computer.jpg?ver=6

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