My Heaven Experience Sean Atwater

The Day of My Birth! Monday October 5th, 1999, I was put onto Earth. The time was 8:41 A.M. I came into this world at a whopping 9 lbs. 2 ounces and was 20.5 inches long. I was born at Allegheny General Hospital. When I was still a newborn my mom said I eyes as blue as the sky and I would always hold onto my mom's finger with my hand. The journey was just beginning.

My most memorable birthday - When I was in the fifth grade I had my most memorable birthday. I had a Dave Gray Sports birthday party. Dave Gray is the most enthusiastic and sagacious man I know, and he always makes it a good time. Plus, all my friends were there. We played football, soccer, baseball, and dodge ball. The whizzing and cracking off the ball off the bat created a great atmosphere. He made it fun by using funny objects to impede players, such as rubber chickens. In addition to the sports, we all got food and cake, plus I got presents. It was definitely my best and most memorable birthday.

My Heaven -My Heaven would basically be an upgraded version of Earth. I could experience all the things I missed out on while on Earth in my life. Whether if I did not do it because time or money it would not matter now; everything would be free. I could fly to anywhere in the world with scenic views that have all the colors of the rainbow and go on adventures. Plus, all my friends and family would be there like Josh Luchini. Everyone would have much temperance. Additionally, I could have whatever meal I want whenever I want, without worrying about my weight. Basically, everything would be in my control.

Josh Luchini -The first person I would meet in heaven would be Josh Luchini. Josh has been a close friend for a long time and has grown with me over the years. Plus, we have always played on the same soccer team. I met Josh Luchini in a melancholy zucchini shop. He was very calm within the walls of the shop. His grace reminded me of an ocean whose waves slowly splash against the shore in the night. Josh teaches me that it is not the destination that is what is important most, but rather the journey. Our teams have often strived for a certain goal, and if we succeed it is awesome. But, some of the best memories are off the field. If you want to do something then strive for it, and enjoy the ride.

“And…I never left. I tried, I made plans…but this damn leg. I don’t know. Nothin worked out” (Albom 66).

Grandpa -The second person I would meet in heaven would be my grandfather who passed away before I was born. He was my mom’s father and the husband of my grandma, who is the only grandparent I have ever met. My grandfather unfortunately missed all of my life and most of my brother’s. The lesson he teaches me is that you are valuable to everyone around you and have a larger impact than you think. He teaches me to always make decisions to help have a long healthy life, just so you can spend as much time as possible on Earth. He also says, do not respite any form of kindness because kindness can only help.

"Time is not what you think" (Albom 91).

Guy From Bank - When I was younger, about nine years old, I was in a local bank with my mother and brother. The plan was for my mother to make some interactions at the bank, and then she would go and buy a new video game for my brother and me. We were waiting in line at a bank when I noticed a venerable man, who was wearing a suit of great propriety, dropped a quarter from his packet. I told my mom; who then told me to return it to the man. I was scared and did not want to talk to the guy so I said no. My mom did not buy us the video game. It was a calamity. The man did not get his quarter. I met him at the most pensive house. The creamy milk white pillars of the house made it seem royal. This was the house he would have bought if I returned the quarter. It turns out after he left the bank; he went to a local gas station and went to buy a ticket but was 25 cents short. The guy behind him got his ticket and was on the news a week later for hitting the jackpot. This man taught me to always do the right thing for people, even strangers. All of us are humans and will most likely never turn down a good deed from our fellow human. Good deeds benefit both parties.

Grant Glorioso - Grant Glorioso is the fourth person I would meet in heaven. Grant has a very similar story to Josh and I. We met through soccer and have been extremely close ever since. Grant, Josh, and I have played on the same soccer teams since we were 8, so you can imagine we have a close bond. Grant's warmness to strangers makes one feel like they are edging close to the sun. Anyways, the lesson Grant teaches me to always welcome new people into your life because it can lead to great relationships. You might have a feeling of aversion to someone or think they are a nonconformist  but you should still give them a chance. If Grant was not so welcoming when we first started playing together I may have wanted to join a different team and not have gotten such great opportunities.

Father Ale - The last person I meet in heaven is Father Ale; the priest at my local church. He is an older man with a snow white goatee but is young at heart. Father Ale is a charismatic guy who has a great perspective on life. I am not extremely close with him. However, I listen to his placid homilies when I attend church. Father Ale, who obviously is a man of faith, teaches me that life is not the end. Our souls will live eternally.

“Dying? Not the end of everything. We think it is. But what happens on Earth is only really the beginning” (Albom 91).


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