The Jones Legacy Six Generations Call Southern Utah University Home

Beginning with the sacrifices of Lehi Willard Jones during the founding of Southern Utah University, six generations of the Jones family have called SUU home.

Lehi Willard Jones, along with his wife Henrietta and their eight children.

The Second Generation

Erastus "Rass" Jones was the first in the Jones family to attend Branch Normal School and the second generation to call SUU home.
Rass was an exemplary student and lettered in two sports while attending Branch Normal School. His sweater is still on display at SUU.

The Third Generation

York Fielding Jones, along with his wife, Evelyn Jones, attended SUU in the 1940s.
The two met and fell in love while attending SUU and married in 1946.
During her time at SUU, Evelyn Jones immersed herself in music, dance, and the piano.
York was a gifted woodworker and crafted a desk from timber salvaged from the original Old Main building.

The Legacy Lives On

Laurie Jones Rose, the fourth generation and great-granddaughter to Lehi.
Sharlene Rose Street, the fifth generation.
Beginning with Lehi Willard Jones and his dedication to the founding of SUU, the Jones family has built a legacy of learning spanning six generations and more than a century.
Maren Marie Street, the sixth generation of the Jones family to call SUU home, will begin her own SUU legacy in the fall of 2020.

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