2 week post op Whoo hoo

2 weeks tomorrow

Well after 2 weeks of sheer lounging around, wake up brush teeth, clumsily sit down on my extended raised toilet seat, do what ladies do best. I then change into a clean pare of pj's no bra again and I LOVE this this is the best part NO BRA they can dangle without been restricted to my rib cage, without my shoulders feeling the weight of the world is upon them. After all I'm only going to spending my day in BED yet again. Free boobies is my silver lining :0)

I tend to favour laying on my left side, with a trunk twist so I still have both shoulders flat looking up to the ceiling for optimal comfort I can stay like this for hours, I pretend in my head my abs are toning whilst in the twist, which is propbably a load of codswahallop. On the plus side my weight is def dropping this means come summer I won't have to do the crash diet that I do every year just so I can feel comfort in my shorts. I may even get to wear a cheeky crop top this year. At 39 I am now the weightI was at 18 another silver lining. See how positive I am

The fact I can't bend, sit, lay on my back, Drive, walk for long periods of time is not going to bother me at all. After all when your as crackers as I am, You can entertain myself for hours; and I really do. I sort of fall into this imaginary Louise world where everything is perfect I am usually doing something sporty like winning some major event and been super proud at how hard I'm training. I can daydream for hours about trivial stuff like this.

The 2 week mark is significant in a few ways it means I have been infection free 14 days, my stitches are nearly ready to come out, and I am over half way there in terms of beginning to be able to do things like bend and sit. I wouldn't dream of even trying now I'd probably go pop internially and end up at square one. So I'll happily stay in my bed like a queen eating grapes and winning world championships!

Poor John has to pack the house tomorrow, I get to watch him whip in hand whilst he does all the hard work for our move. I'm planning how to be super nice so I encourage and not take the piss, this will be harder said than done. He shouted to me tonight that he was stuck in the bath 😂😂what was I supposed to do, I'm stuck in bed, all kinds of visions popped into my head I even contemplated calling the fire brigade what he actually meant as he was happy relaxing and didn't want to move. I immediately thought it was due to the extra Christmas pounds he had gained and he was physically stuck whoops! See I can't help myself I always put my foot in it. No darling your not fat, you are just cuddly.

I have never been alone since I adopted my position on my bed throne, my Saskia has never left my side, I am really amazed at just how much she sleeps I watch her for hours sleeping away, we play a game of fetch every morning! Yes my cat is a dogcat right from being a kitten she has fetched balls of paper like a dog and will do this happily for about ten mins until she decides it's nap time again. Her favourite position is in my head! Yes on my head half on the pillow and half on my head, she like to get as close as physically possible to me, god knows why but she does. Harriet hates the cat, she has loathed her for years. How is it possible that an only child who is spoilt rotten is jealous of a cute furry animal? Well my H is. Has me in stitches I catch her Locking the cat out so Harri can have mummy time without Saskia getting in the way. Poor Harri who has to go to school and can't lounge all day like me and Saskia.

Muscle wastage!! Now this is an unfortunate side effect of been a bed queen, my legs look like the 90 year old lady from down the street, all bone with dangelong loose skin. As do my hips this I think will take more time to rectify than it has taken to lose definition. Summer Nikon body drawback, hummmmm I have to hatch a plan to get my muscle definition back ASAP, I feel a squat routine in the distance.

  • I have discovered that I like back to back episodes of "How to get away with murder", I now feel the amount of episodes i have watched stands me in very good stead towards becoming a murderer or a defense lawyer it's a new skill set I have gained yet another silver lining. Incinerate the body, burn the dna, discredit the witnesses at trail, I actually can't believe shows like this exist! But I am strangely drawn into it like an addict. Speaking of addicts, I'm really hoping that I'm not addicted to these pain killers I have been on them ages and not fancying the withdrawel symptoms,when I do decide to go it alone without them. 2 weeks stage still a bit early I think😳

Waffled on loads tonight, I can hear John snoring from the other room so it must me bed time after all it's 1:08 and I've had a busy day!

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