Their Label By Hannah GOrham

Anime; Japanese hand-drawn or computer animation. Anime is short for Japanese animation. Recognizable for its colorful graphics, characters, and fantasy-like themes.

Anime is a cartoon that is colorful and mystical and seen as more of an adult cartoon.

Thornton Academy students shed some light on their label...
"I would say that they are in their own fantasy world. They are kind of strange."
I always feel like they are really nerdy. They are very much outcasts."
"I feel like they keep to themselves more. They stick together and I haven't really had a conversation with one of them."
"I feel like they don't have many friends and they just stick to themselves"
"They are more shy people and seem to have a hard time in social situations."

Anime Label Expectations:

  • Not care about their looks (clothes, hair, makeup, etc.)
  • Only care about anime.
  • Stay within their anime friend group.
  • Have a hard time in social situations because of the cartoons they watch, being in their own fantasy world.
  • Play games like their DS and Pokémon during the school day.
(Left): expected to look like when going to school. (Top): pickachus from Pokémon. (Bottom): how Animes are expected to look.

This group sticks to themselves and typically does not venture outside of the Anime club. The label does have a negetive connotation to it because other students see them as "losers" or "strange" because they don't follow the social norm (clothes, makeup, hair, etc.). Students may see them as being stuck in the past, elementary school was when Pokémon and DS was still cool. Because these kids stay in their social circles they have a hard time making new friends or talking to new people at all, this will show when speaking in class or to other people. This group is considered lower on the social ladder because of the social norms the group doesn't follow.

Although this group does not makes friends outside of their norm, they are okay with being different. If an anime kid actually cared what others thought of them they wouldn't play their DS or Pokémon in the lunch room for everyone to see, this is something admirable about the group. Their seemingly perfect acceptance of themselves, totally okay with who is watching or talking.

Found a great video of anime speed draw!

My Label

Band Geek

I play the tenor saxophone and have been doing band since sixth grade. I started out on the French horn and moved to the tenor saxophone (curvy necked one). I have been playing tenor for six years now and have been with Mrs. Witherall at TA for five of those years.

Band geeks are portrayed in movies as the ugly nobody's who can't make friends. Not the case, the expctations for band geeks are real however.

Berklee Jazz Festival 2017. All of my best friends in the band.

Bank Geek Expectations

  • Only hang out with band kids.
  • They don't expect other activities of you (sports).
  • Making new friends could be difficult.
  • Popular kids intimidate you.

This label has had some impact on my life, I am one not to care what others think especially when it comes to band. My closets friends are all in the band but I do have other friends outside of the band community. I do have a hard time around popular kids, I feel I am not up to their standards or "coolness". If you ask my band friends I am loud and bubbly, but if you ask the lacrosse team I am quiet and reserved. I find it difficult to talk about band when I am around the lacrosse girls because I am afraid of what they will think of me, I am intimidated by how popular most of them are. It is difficult to be in band and also play a varsity sport, I am the only one on the lacrosse team in band, which can be lonely. A lot of people in school excpect you to do one or the other, which should not be the case, and come lacrosse season I get nervous to ask for a practice off to rehurse, or a rehearsal off to practice. This comes back to the team, I get nervous of what they think of me if I do skip a practice, I am afraid they think I am not committed to the team or our season.

This was when I was a junior as Tenor 2.


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