Race Ratios Joshua Abrahams

Police brutality has become a severe problem in the United States. In many predominantly black communities, the police officers in the police department are predominantly white. I believe this could be a factor for this problem.

Unequal race ratios can lead to disrespect between the police force and members of the community. This disrespect may lead to a violent altercations that can be fatal in the end.

Unequal race ratios can lead to biased opinions. For instance, the mindset that most black people live in public housing. Black officers will have a better understanding of the struggles and circumstances of common black citizens.

The disrespect and biased opinions can instill fear in the hearts and minds of members of the community. Whenever there is a situation where the police are involved, there is a fear of becoming a statistic on the news because he or she was killed by a cop like Michael Brown and Eric Garner.

The goal is for peace in all communities. America has done little to no progress for reducing the amount of situations ending in unjust police brutality. Matching the race ratio of the police department to that of the communities will help solve this problem.


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