Nigeria: Geography and Agriculture BY Oziel Carrera, Antonio Lopez, Bernardo T.


Nigeria is a country located on the western coast of Africa, often called the "Giant of Africa". It is a vast land, from diversity of people and languages to its natural resources. Nigeria has distinctive regions including plains, swamps, deserts, mountains, and jungles. Also has the the largest river systems, one which is the Niger Delta. Majority of Nigeria is covered in savannahs and plains found in the north. Mountains are present in the southeast, and tropical forests in the south.. Nigeria has three main environmental regions; the Savannah, tropical forest, and coastal wetlands.

(Gale, Thomas. "Nigeria". Worldmark Encyclopedia of Nations. 2007)


Nigeria's land isn't considered arable in some parts because of soil degradation, flooding, air and water pollution, desertification, and overall loss of arable land. These factors make it difficult it to maintain agriculture. Yet, Nigeria's diverse climates, make it possible to produce all agricultural products.


Agriculture is an important part of Nigeria's economy, employing about two thirds of the countries labor force. Crops are grown on agricultural holdings, which are small and scattered throughout.These farms produce about 80% of the food. The major food crops are yams, cassava, cashew nuts, cocoa beans, ground nuts, gum Arabic, maize (corn), melon, millet, palm oil, rice and soybeans. Nigeria is the largest producer of cassava in the world.

(Gale, Thomas. "Nigeria". Worldmark Encyclopedia of Nations. 2007)

Cassava crop


While being the base of Nigeria's economy and employing two thirds of the labor force. Nigeria's agriculture remains the most important sector to its economy. Exports of goods earns Nigeria valuable foreign exchange. Also, has a great contribution to the country's national income and source of food. 70℅ of Nigeria's population works in the agricultural field, but only a small profit goes to the economy. Unfortunately, every year, Nigeria's agriculture GDP (Gross Domestic Product) goes down.


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