South Carolina, Founded 1663 Zach Jones

Charles II was the founder of South Carolina in 1663.

Charles gave land to 8 noble men known as Lord Proprietors.

Charles was born on May 29, 1630 and died on February 6,1685.

The main religion of South Carolina was Baptist and Anglican.

People worship in churches like this one.

The Anglican church was founded in 1867.

In South Carolina, there is fertile soil.

There are many hilly, coastal plains, forests, long rivers, and swamp areas.

South Carolina is in the warmest region of the 3 regions. The winters are not very hard to survive. The hot, humid summers gave rise to the spread of disease.

People in the South Carolina colony focused on farming.

They had some of the largest slave plantations in the regions.

Most of the crops they had were harvested by the slaves.


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