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Microsoft is launching ‘Work Experience Week’, from 10 – 13 May 2021. Students in years 9 & 10 will be able to gain valuable insights into working life at Microsoft, what early-in-career looks like within the organisation and have the opportunity to join Xbox Academy, hosted by Microsoft Store, to learn more about the fascinating world of game development.

Over the course of four days, students will have a taste of what it’s like to work in the highly dynamic technology industry, and gain an insight into Microsoft’s mission to empower every person and every organisation on the planet to achieve more.

Microsoft’s Work Experience intends to help meet the 6th Gatsby Benchmark of ‘experiencing workplaces’. What better way to kick-start a young pupils career than with Microsoft? Join us virtually from the 10th - 13th May, 2021. A fully virtual set-up will allow students to access our Work Experience from either classrooms or the comfort of their own home.

Please note: to gain access to each day of our Work Experience Week, please ensure that you have signed up to all 4 days. You should receive one Teams Live attendee link per day. If you have not signed up to each individual day, please do so here.

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What to expect...

Work Experience Week allows students to meet curriculum requirements, gain industry exposure and relevant hard skills; build resume and interview literacy, all remotely. What a great way to help meet the 6th Gatsby Benchmark Requirement of "experiencing workplaces"!

In the 4-day program, each student will complete:

  • Join Xbox Academy, hosted by Microsoft Store: an introduction to roles within the games industry and advice on how to enter them, featuring insight from developers at game studio Rare (makers of the highly-acclaimed Sea of Thieves) and educational professionals in games development at East London Arts & Music;
  • Hear from industry executives and their inspiring career stories, with Microsoft UK’s CEO Clare Barclay and Director of Education, Chris Rothwell;
  • Gain an insight into building a robust LinkedIn profile;
  • Experience various early-in-career activities, and hear testimonials from our interns, graduates and apprentices;
  • Explore the importance of digital skills and gain an understanding of how powerful our Microsoft products are, and more!

The 4-day workshop will run LIVE from the 10 - 13th May 2021.


Support & Assistance

If you need any further support in getting yourself or your students set-up, please email AskEduUK@Microsoft.com. We have a dedicated team to ensure that you receive the best experience possible.

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