College & Career Events Weekly Newsletter Issue 7- 11/6/20

What does it take to be a Professional Sports Mascot?

Our very own Rocky Riverhawk interviewed, Seattle Mariner's Mascot, Mariner Moose, to learn how to become a Professional Mascot. Read on to see how Mariner Moose made it to the big leagues...

Rocky Riverhawk working on his Senior Action Plan after talking to Mariner Moose.

ROCKY: Moose, tell me what type of education I need to make to be a professional mascot?

MOOSE: Education wise, you will most definitely need a Bachelor's Degree. Having a Master's Degree doesn't hurt either. People always assume that being a mascot is all fun and games (because as a consumer that's what you are supposed to see and believe), but what many don't realize is how much professionalism and work happens behind the scenes.

ROCKY: Is there any training or special skills I need to be a successful professional mascot?

MOOSE: OFFICE SKILLS- Primarily Microsoft office (Excel, Powerpoint, Word). Many mascots are in charge of their own budgets for costumes, props, skits, travel, etc. Mascots are also in charge of their revenue budget as well.

SALES: As a mascot you will be the one 'selling' yourself to create revenue for your organization. Teams will require you to hit revenue goals throughout the year. Many teams do have different mindsets on appearance fees, but I have seen revenue goals as low as $10,000/year for some of my peers, and others all the way up to $150,000/year. Appearance fees for mascots can range anywhere between $200/hr up to $1000/hr.

WRITING SKILLS: As mentioned you are selling yourself to create revenue, and if you don't have professional writing skills people will not take you seriously. You will also need script writing skills for live/video skits. Mascots have many meetings where they present ideas to their department heads and having a well written script with storyboard attached is always useful.

MANAGEMENT: You must have tremendous organization and time management skills to thrive in the business/office side of being a mascot, because don't forget, there's another side that you are also responsible for. The actual character. This will include frequent travel throughout the world, one night you may have an event in another country and the next night you may have a watch party back in your own town. Mascots are also responsible for hiring, training and managing their own team of handlers and/or backup performers. This team is essential to the functionality of the program.

ATHLETICS: As the performer you will be running, dancing, doing acrobatics, etc., all the time while you are wearing a hot costume. The physical demands are hard to explain to someone who has never been a mascot. It is not uncommon to lose a lot of water weight every time you put the costume on, and that will fluctuate depending on how long you are in the costume and what you are doing. Muscle mass dwindles quickly so you will need a good understanding of how to take care of yourself. A proper diet and exercise regime is beneficial to maintaining your health. You will also need an understanding of what looks good while you are in the costume, and what works for your character. For example, I know several break dancers who were quite good at what they did, but once they wore a costume with limitations, the break dancing wouldn't translate well and it looked terrible for the character. A mascot like Benny the Bull, who has a slim costume without many limitations looks wonderful break dancing, but a costume like the Phanatic would never look good doing it.

PATIENCE: Being a mascot will test your patience more than anything else. While you are in the costume, people will always crowd you especially now that everyone has a smart phone and needs pictures. Children will always be curious and want to poke, kick, or who knows what else to you. Some people will be intoxicated and will try and fight, others will be too scared and may just scream and cry- mind you all of this is happening while you are 'burning alive' inside of your costume. You are the face of your organization, which means that you will have to have patience and learn how to read people better than most. Losing your cool as a mascot will most certainly get you terminated.

CREATIVITY: You will be the person to create and develop your ideas for social media, community appearances, and game day videos/live skits. Being creative is what helps to expose your character, which in turn will make it more sought after. Having a good understanding of Adobe Suite and a simple music editor is beneficial.

ROCKY: What other steps are needed to pursue this career?

MOOSE: To pursue this career, having a background in dance/performance/gymnastics related fields is crucial. I would recommend starting your costume performance career once in college, many schools will offer some sort of scholarship or other reimbursement for your time working. Other opportunities I recommend are searching for local teams that have mascots. Single A teams, or WNBA, indoor football, lacrosse, are constantly looking for performers. Check those local team websites.

ROCKY: How many hours a day/week do you work?

MOOSE: The hours you will work in any sports related field is already quite high, a desirable mascot will work even more. In my personal career with MLB, during the off season I average 60 hours/week. During the season I average close to 90 hours/week. Between the constant traveling, and office work you really do sacrifice your life for this job. I would also mention that during the season, taking a day off does not exist. You will work Sunday - Sunday.

ROCKY: What is the typical pay or salary for this position?

MOOSE: Mascots have taken a real dip in their payment over the past several years. Once a highly sought after 6 figure salary plus bonus incentives, mascots nowadays do not make those numbers. I know the average salary for MLB mascots is $56,000/yr. There are fluctuations though as some performers do get a percentage of their generated revenues. It all depends on the organization and what they believe is a fair price for your work.

ROCKY: Where do you find jobs for this industry?

MOOSE: I will be very honest with this. Getting a job for a professional sports team is one of the hardest careers to go after. There are less than 150 professional characters in this country. These jobs do not open up often. But every professional team has a website with a 'careers' page. They will always post any openings on those pages.

ROCKY: What is your favorite part of the job?

MOOSE: Favorite part of the job is being a good influence throughout the community and showing people that joy still exists in this world.

Thank you Mariner Moose for sharing your career expertise with Rocky Riverhawk, to help Rocky plan goals to reach his ultimate dream!

What does life look like now for Mariner Moose now since COVID? Checkout his home office here:

Direct video link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KaExlLxsQAc



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