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How did Japan become a military society

Japan became A military society because of Minamoto Yoritomo that came to power in 1192 and set up a military government.

A shogun the head of the miltary goverment of japan in the era of the samurai. The daimyo a Japanese lord with large landholdings and a private samuri army. The daimyo and samuri had a relationship with the daimyo the samuri protected the daimyo and the daimyo paid the samuri with land and protection.

The samuri armor was heavy under the armor they would wear a colorful robe called a kimono and shin guards made out of leather the samuri weapons were bows and arrows spears. The samuri military training was long hours of training and they practiced how to shoot accurately without thinking. 

To become a samuri you usually came from a samuri clan. Samurai were trained to overcome the fear of death. They were also trained to serve their lord. Bushido is a code of honor and morals devolved by the Japanese samuri. The values of a samurai is to be brave, loyal and serve your lord. Samurai did ritual suicide if their lord dies or if they committed a crime.

The pure land is a paradise beloved by followers of Mahayana sect. Amida Buddhism believed that all people could reach paradise. Zen Buddhism applies to many samurai because of its emphasis of effort and discipline. The training in samuri writing was to practice calligraphy. The literature that samuri used was haiku which was created by Mautso Basho. The tea ceremony fostered a sprit of harmony. Women in the samuri society had it tough they had to learn how to use weapons because there husband were off at battle. In the 12 th century was good if you were warrior class you were respected. In the 17th century women were treated inferior to their husband


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