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About Rajbir Longia

My name is Rajbir and I am a grade 10 student at North park Secondary School enrolled in the IBT program. I chose to attend the IBT program at North Park Secondary School for a few reasons and all of them involve learning new things. The main reasons I decided to attend the North Park Secondary School’s IBT program was to learn and expand upon my knowledge on technology. At the time of the submission of my application for North Park Secondary School's IBT program, I knew a bit about technology and attending this program has only expanded upon that. This program also helped guide me toward what I want to do with my life.

My Resume

My Personal Accomplishment

One of my personal accomplishments in my grade 10 year is a tournament victory in a game called DOTA 2 (Defense of the Ancients 2).

a screenshot of my trophy (bottom left)

Community Service

This last summer, I spent my time volunteering at a local food bank in my community. At this location, I helped families gather food that they needed as well as packaged food for these families.


Career Planning



  1. I have an interest in Physics and want to pursue it in post-secondary education
  2. I want to work on research and be a part of the future
  3. I want learn about how the world works in the process of becoming a Physicist

Grade 11 courses

  • Physics --- SPH3U0
  • Functions --- MCR3U0
  • Chemistry --- SCH3U9
  • English --- ENG3U0
John a. wheeler, a physicist



  1. Interested in the medical field as well
  2. Makes a suitable amount of money
  3. Helping people drives me and makes me feel like I'm doing something in the world
  4. Doing something like this would help save a lot of lives as well as improve them

Grade 11 courses

  • Biology --- SBI3UR
  • Chemistry --- SCH3U0
  • Functions --- MCR3U0
  • English --- ENG3U0
  • Intro to Anthropology, Psychology, & Sociology --- HSP3UR

Academic Work

Marketing Test

One of my academic work entries is my short story journal where I had scored a total of 34.5/35. The was one of my recent evaluations this semester.

Evidence Of Student Ownership

Le Participe passe comme adjectif Quiz

One of my academic work entries is a French quiz where I had scored a total of 16/16. The quiz was one of my evaluations during the beginning of the second semester.

Evidence of Student Ownership

Business Chapter 4 Quiz

Another one of my entries is this Business quiz where I scored 19/20. This was also one of the first evaluation I had during the beginning of the second semester.

Evidence of Student Ownership

Group Work

Resto-Mobile Assignment (french)

I completed the Resto-Mobile assignment this semester in French class with my partner was a great group work experience and just a great experience overall. We had a good bit of problems. But, in the end everything was resolved and resulted in a strengthened skills in regards to leadership.

Evidence of Student Ownership

CO-Curricular Activities

The co-curricular activity I attend is chess club. I began attending the chess club near the beginning of this semester.

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