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About Rajbir Longia

My name is Rajbir, I am a grade 9 student at North park secondary school attending the IBT program. I chose to attend the IBT program at North Park secondary school for a few reasons and all of them involve learning new things. One of the main reasons I decided to attend the North park secondary school’s IBT program was to learn more and expand upon my knowledge on technology and business. At the time of the submission of my application for North Park secondary school's IBT program , I knew a good bit about technology as well as business and attending this program has done nothing but strengthen and expand upon that.

my resume

a picture of my resume

My personal accomplishment

One of my personal accomplishments in my grade 9 year so far is that I have achieved the honours standing for semester one.

a picture of my award (evidence)

Communiy service

As of this moment, I don't have any community hours done. My reasoning behind this is that I haven't had enough time. I will be getting my hours at Seva food bank which is situated near me. I plan to start volunteering by the end of this month.

my application (evidence)

Career planning



  • I'd like to help people recover from trauma
  • Pays a good amount of money
  • I think its cool
  • I believe that my hand are steady enough to be a surgeon
  • I have an interest in the medical field


  • Doctorate degree
  • Year long intership
  • 6 to 8 year neurosurgical residency is required
  • A license to practice medicine
  • Graduate from medical school



  • I'm interested in the medical field
  • Makes a good amount of money
  • The idea of designing and evaluating drugs for the prevention and treatment of diseases intrigues me
  • Doing something like this would help save a lot of lives as well as improve them


  • Doctorate in pharmacology or related field
  • Graduate from medical school
  • A license to practice medicine


Short Story Journal

One of my academic work entries is my short story journal where I had scored a total of 89%. The short story journal was one of my first and best marks I received during the first semester.

Evidence Of Student Ownership
a close up screenshot of the mark

Chemistry Unit Test

One of my academic work entries is my chemistry unit test where I had scored a total of 91%. The chemistry unit test is one of my best marks during the second semester so far.

group work

Acting company assignment

The acting company assignment I completed last semester in English class with my group was a great group work experience and just a great experience overall. We had a good bit of problems. But, in the end everything was resolved.

Evidence Of Student Ownership
More Evidence Of Student Ownership

CO-curricular activities

One of the co-curricular activities I attend is chess club. I began attending the chess club near the beginning of this semester and have been going whenever I have time to attend.

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