The journey of my alternate powered vehicle By Nicholas hamilton🤡

This term we have been learning about vehicles 🚗 and alternate power sources to build our own alternate powered vehicle

We have studied engineering and programming with little bits and the dash and dot robot

The adaptation I made of the little bits car
The dash and dot robots

This term we collected different resources we could use to make the alternate powered vehicle

The resources that I collected were solar power,hydroelectricity,wind energy, geothermal energy and chemical energy

Solar power has many advantages and uses. One of them being to charge machine:such as cars battery packs. It also has uses for energy in the house.

Chemical energy has uses but also affects many thing. It affects animals because if the battery acid goes into the environment and can hurt animals. Batteries can also affects small children that accidentally swallow them.

Wind energy is a great source of energy to have around as it is a plentiful resource but three key factors are at its disadvantage

One being that it creates bad noise pollution Two being it can kill flying animals passing by and three the wind 💨 won't always be around

For geothermal energy it can only be used first where there is a place with heaps of stroed of geothermal energy and second it will only last so long

This energy is used to little in our growing economy but for understandable reason 1 being the amount of water needed to create a good amount of power. Two being the huge amount of space we need to put these places

A solar panel farm

I have chosen solar power for my alternate power source because it is a very accessible source of power to use in this day and age. This source is used by the conversion of heat to create an energy source. The solar panels are light compared to other forms of energy and can create power while it is running. This can work for cars and many other forms of machines. This source is a life investment

A picture of a solar powered car

For this power source I have chosen to make a remote controlled solar powered car. This design is fairly simple and not as costly as other designs that I have seen

This rc car has a solar panel to give it its power
A RC car (website for RC car powered by solar)

This car will remove its battery then the solar panel wires will wrap around the positive and negative terminals to give a constant flow of power.

A type of solar panel possible for me to use

This power source has been around for a while so it will be easy to access

My type of car is going to be hard to control being a remote controlled car.

A strong pro for my vehicle is that I don't really have to build my car and I only have to connect the wires

For our design we had to use a graphic organiser to help with our ideas and we as a class used the graphic organiser-SWOT analysis

The SWOT analysis is made into four parts to think of S-strengths of the idea that the person thought of W-weaknesses of the idea the person thought of O-opportunities of the idea that was thought of T-threats that the person thought of

My SWOT analysis on my iPad
One of my SWOT analysis

Strengths-does not pollute,moves because of the engine,easy to get resources,easy to build

Weaknesses-might overflow of electricity,never built this type of car before,do not have experience with RC cars

Opportunities-solar panels are a life time investment,can find a new way for solar panels,find different techniques to build this type of car,can learn how to build this type of car

Threats-the sun could not be out,antenna could break,don't know the range for antenna,wheels could fall off mid-drive,solar panels already exist,wires might not connect properly

My breakdown of the SWOT analysis

For the last part of our learning journal we had to represent our idea in a flowchart form

My flow chart

I dearly hope that you have enjoyed this presentation and I hope you have good knowledge on what I have been learning for steam

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