Stock Market Project Kasper

A stock is the ownership for any company and a share is the ownership for a specific company. Dividend means that when you have a stock the company share their profits or losses to people who has their companies stock. The major world markets are NASDAQ which is in the US, the London Stock Exchange Group which is located in the United Kingdom and Italy, Japan Exchange Group – Tokyo in Japan and Shanghai Stock Exchange in China. A ticker symbol is to identify the companies and products in the stock market, it is the symbol that is used to represent the company. Supply and demand are the amount of a commodity, product, or service available and the amount of buyers for it, When demand for a stock increases, its price usually increases. Stock prices tend to fall when there is an ample supply of shares or decreased demand. The pros of the stock market is that you could gain the money but, cons of the stock market is that you could lose the money and not be at a good rank.


Netflix is doing the best from my companies and Samsung is doing the worst.

Netflix is doing really well because I bought it when it was very low so I would get a good profit and it would jump straight up. I think my samsung is going bad because no one is buying the company and everyone is buying the bigger and better companies. For some people samsung is becoming higher but i bought it very late so i didn't get much profit. I sold 2 of my stocks, one of them was starbucks because when i bought it, it went really high up and was giving me a lot of money, it then started getting lower and was not giving me profit anymore. So i sold star bucks and got the money back from it. I bought Deutsche bank because I was buying most of the American companies and I thought it might be better to get a European company and see if this company was better for my ranking and money.

In my portfolio I would like to change some of my stocks. I bought a lot of the big companies that everyone knows about and I could see that they were not going up for a while. I did not change this but after a few days I checked and they started increasing and giving me profit. So there is nothing that I want to change now.

Final Reflection

My best company is still Netflix and my worst company is Starbucks. My investments were really good and I decided well on what I should buy or sell. I bought stocks that will get me a good profit and make me earn money. If I were to redo this project I would buy stocks when they are low and not so popular companies so that when you get them you will get the highest profit from them. I would also have my data more organized because this project my updates were not organized and some of the stocks I bought I could not get any line graphs, this might have been a problem with the stock or I did something wrong.

I would not invest in the same stocks because this project I invested in all the major companies and even though they didn't bring me down, I could still get more profit from other companies that are not major and known all around the world. When I started this project I didn't know anything about stocks and trading, but after this It was a fun way of learning how to buy companies and invest without actual money which I thought was a great way to learn.

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