ELCO Seniors 2020 virtual art exhibit

savannah lewis

ELCO Art Courses: Art 1-3, Pottery 1, Independent art, Independent study: art

NAHS Member

Favorite medium: Charcoal

"My favorite art memory is my sophomore year art class, when I was in Art 2 because it was a smaller class that had great people and I feel like I learned a lot! I also really enjoyed the field trip we took for the painting class!"

Post-secondary plans: Majoring in Communication Design at Kutztown University

Independent Art & Independent Study Projects


ELCO Art Courses: Art 1-3, Independent Art

Favorite medium: Colored pencils and computer graphics

"My favorite project was the 'Memory' project in Independent Art"

Post-secondary plans: majoring in Communication Design at Kutztown University

Independent Art Projects


ELCO Art Courses: Art 1-3, Pottery 1-2

NAHS President

Favorite medium: I really love using charcoal, and I love the style of hyperrealism and surrealism!

"My favorite art project was the one I did of the man with a heart in his head. I loved it because of it's genuine symbolism and the style I used to convey that. My favorite art memory was our crazy trip to Philadelphia this past fall. It was a really fun group of kids, and we had an awesome day seeing some pretty amazing things!"

Post-secondary plans: Attending Indiana University of Pennsylvania (IUP) to attain a degree in nursing.

Pottery Projects

Art 3 Projects


ELCO Art Courses: Art 1-2, Pottery 1-2, Independent Pottery

NAHS member

Favorite medium: Clay

"My favorite pottery piece that I’ve made is my pot that looks like a water molecule. The loved glaze combination and how neat it turned out."

Post-secondary plans: majoring in Nursing at University of Pennsylvania

Congratulations & best of luck!

Created By
Taryn Showalter


Created with an image by Anna Kolosyuk - "untitled image"