Cal Ripken Jr. evie hall

Cal played for the Orioles his entire career

Cal was born into an incredibly sporty family, his father played professional baseball. From the start, sports were a large part of his life so it was no surprise when Cal too, excelled in baseball. He was awarded Rookie of the year and later went on to break the record of most consecutive games played. It was over 2000!

7 traits of being a leader

Responsibility- in order for Cal to be so successful he had to focus on the things that only he could control. For him, this meant his health and fitness levels

Establish a vision- he knew that he wanted to be the best baseball player that he could be

Set priorities- he knew where he wanted to go and had to make sacrifices on the way, nothing comes easy

Think win-win- a constant positive attitude is hard but it takes a lot to not sit out for one single game for years

Listen first, then discuss- Cal had to make relationships with people around him, he would have had to use this characteristic often so that people knew he cared about what they were saying

Team- work- a huge one for Cal. Baseball is a team sport so this team player attitude is extremely important, part of the reason he did not sit out was because he did not want to let down his team

Self renewal- This is also an important characteristic for a sports player, without taking care of your body and mind, you can not function your best

Pursuing excellence- Cal had to constantly improve his skills, making sure he was just as good as the young kids coming in each year. He had a passion for baseball and uses his inspiring story to this day

Cal has an amazing attitude and passion for the game. Anyone that has so much passion for something is inspiring to everyone. His use of all eight traits in his daily life and his other leadership skills shine through in him, getting him to where he is today. I would love to have so much passion for something.


The power point from today's warm-up


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