MBriefs Byte Sized Benefits | December 2020 Edition

Technology Can Transport Us

With technology, some of us have the means to continue a form of normal in our daily lives during this pandemic. In health care, we have been forced to embrace digital technology, and on the paper side of health care, data analytic reporting proves that crunching claim history can give you a hint to the question, what will or could happen next? We’ve said it before with great chaos comes amazing changes. Well, get this, Amazon Prime, it’s been around, and now they are engaged with prescription benefit management…and to really question change, would you eat flies for higher protein? Enjoy this months MBriefs and learn how technology can transport us.

The Real Stuff You Need to Know

Where Do You Get Your Drugs? Amazon? Seriously?

Amazon Prime has entered the pill-packing playing field. With this new participant in the game of Pharmacy Benefit Management or PBM, it makes the competition a bit more interesting. Amazon screams of convenience through simplicity, savings, and efficiency, so who knows when they will take the lead and become the first choice for prescription delivery. No matter how this initial splash pans out, one thing is for certain, Amazon is sure to disrupt an industry in serious need of disruption.

Say Yes to Digital Technology

The coronavirus has thrown us deeper into the digital world. It’s true, most of these technological options were already there, but now, we must utilize them for our safety’s sake. With each device that we link ourselves to the world, we improve our engagement, specifically with our health care providers. This relationship, especially now, is so important.

The good news is technology is working for us. We can see by these reported trends that digitally speaking, we are right on track. Keep up the good work!

Video Links for Quick Health Care Knowledge

Grab some paper and a pencil to take notes on a few key phrases of health care: deductible, co-insurance, and out-of-pocket maximums. Watch the video above to learn the importance of these terms and how they can affect your health care usage. With a better understanding, you can select the right plan for you. 

Side Affects: Our Podcast to Provoke You to Think Differently

A magic ball could make future health care decisions a bit easier, but math and science make your options realistic. Join MB CEO Scott McGohan, and "Side Affects" Producer, Kenzie Fell, with business partners Mike Pattengale and Jennifer Jones from Springbuk, a data analytics platform supporting employers to make better health care decisions. With Springbuk's vision, you can prevent disease with data. It's clear how data analytics educates and empowers employers with the leverage of data to justify health care increased cost. It isn't magical, but it may seem miraculous. Tune in to learn more.

Events You Should Probably Plan to Attend

Our 2020 Learning Center sessions have come to an end! Traditionally, our Learning Centers are held in-person at one of our four locations. We love seeing our customers faces! Our MB teams enjoy greeting our partners and friends and showing off the latest additions in our offices.

In March, COVID-19 threw us a curve-ball. We were forced to turn our beloved in-person presentations to a completely virtual experience! We have learned a lot over the past few months and are excited to see how we can evolve this digital presentation experience. Thank you for joining us for an incredible 2020 season!

WE LOVE FEEDBACK. What kind of presentations and presenters would you like to see next year?! Let us know in the survey below and we can do our best to include them in the 2021 lineup.

Rumor Has It…But Details to Come

Save Yourself and the Planet, Eat Fly Larvae

Protein… the building blocks of who you are, and fly larvae qualifies as a most excellent choice.

That’s right, Australian scientists have confirmed that consuming the black soldier fly's larvae can easily replace the necessary protein humans usually intake from animals or plants. New research has also determined that fly protein has been introduced into feeding our food <gag> as livestock feed. So cows, chickens, and piggies will eat high protein fly larvae instead of tearing up our pastures. Save the environment. What if we were to eat the larvae? Save the animals? Ever wonder what those lumps are in your protein shake? Not yet? Keep an eye out!

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McGohan Brabender