Nurse pediatrician


Helping young children become healthy and working in the medical center with infants to todlers.


You will need a bachelors degree in medical and health education and in this job you start from the beggining as a regular nurse and work your way up. You will need to pass the certification test.


You need to be very prepared in any situation and be able to calm patients in a panic. Need great people skills because you will be interacting with young children and their parents all the time. also communication skills with your team is very important.


You need to have experience in working with children and medical health and happiness to be a pediatrician


a pediatrician gets $175,000 as a yearly salary

Advantages and Disadvantages

The advantages of being a pediatric nurse would be able to help save the lives of the young. it's not like sitting at a desk all day you get to go and have real life interactions with others in the world. The disadvantages would be maybe loosing the life of a young one or seeing one in pain is hard and traumatic experience.

Career Reflection

I chose this career because i feel that a pediatric nurse could really put a impact on many people's lives being able to save a child. I would be fitting for this job because ever since i was little i have wanted to work with kids and this job gets to actually help out on the lives of these young children. Helping kids is what attracts me to this job i want to make a impact but also work with kids so this does both in one job. One concern that i have is what it will be like if one of the operations goes wrong what will it be like? Will it be a traumatic experience. The best strategy to get this job is keep up my grades and work hard to make this my goal in life, also work on my social skills with adults.

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