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September and October 2019



Our school garden got over big change during summer holiday

Although the big trees were cut in the school garden (because of children safety and school building statics).....
...we prepared replacement planting for this area and started to prepare also place for outdoor classroom...
...the trunks from cut trees we will use for making benches which will be placed around the atrium.

We also started cleaning and harvesting after summer holiday....

Necessary cleaning after two free months when the garden was no man's land and weed grew everywhere

Harvesting of tomatoes which got red during summer

...and the pupils started their preparation for the mobility in Italy...

They made a short video document about the changes in our school garden during the first project year...
...and they prepared for their P2P lessons about Adobe Spark app. for Italian mobility
Here is the short video document they prepared:

We also informed other teachers, students, their parents and the public about the project activities and plans for the second project year

We were a part of Erasmusdays 2019 and made a short video from mobilities during the last five years



After three months of loving holidays we came back to work at school and this means also to our project!

We cleaned and organized our material in our school garden...
....and starting to sow some vegetables...
...and getting our brain to work!...

Also part of our dissemination tasks we wrote an article for our school webpage, making a brief of our first year in the project

Pupils started to prepare short presentation about the changes in the school garden for workshop which will be on the 1st day of the 3rd short - term exchange of the groups of the pupils in Italy



Students prepared the soil for planting vegetables in September

First of all they put new soil in the raised beds, ploughed it and planted different kind of lettuce and onions and others...

They continued to take care of the plants, watering them and pulling the weeds up to give the vegetables space in October

Care and treatment during growing season

They took photos 📸 of the growing plants and prepared a short video presentation in order to have it ready for the mobility

In fact it was showed to the partners during the mobility hosted in Bagheria from 28th October to 1st of November

The teachers from the primary school as a hosting partner country started preparation for the mobility

We are thankful and appreciate the work they did and prepared for us warm welcome with labels in our national colors.

...and boosted the visibility of the project among other teachers and pupils

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